Welcome to the New Song of Stones. You may begin making magic with the crystals while we continue to add crystals and work behind the scenes on the design.


you can meditate with them, you can shift the energy of a space with them, you can even heal with them, BUT ... when you come together with them as friends and as partners in conscious co-creation you begin to unveil the secrets of the Universe and YOU CAN MAKE MAGIC WITH THEM.

Which of the Crystal Kingdoms do you resonate with?


Sensitive Souls

If you are a Sensitive Soul who is overwhelmed by toxic energies, crystals can help you to tap into a powerful source of strength and help you to stay anchored to the earth while still connected to the heavens.

Invite in: A Metamorph or a Kalon crystalline being.


Magical Souls

If you are a magical soul who is beginning to remember the truth of your power and the power of your truth, crystals can help you to tap into the source of that power to spark the memory of your ancient magical abilities.

Invite in: A Dragon Guard or an Elysian crystalline being.


Creative Souls

If you are a creative Soul who struggles with anxiety, depression and or debilitating fear, crystals can offer their peaceful energy and wise guidance in aligning yourself in mind, body and spirit so that you can stay in the flow of your creative cycle in peaceful harmony.

Invite in: A Moon Rider or a Wilderene crystalline being.


Old Souls

Old Souls who just get it. Those who know who they are and understand their magic. For them crystals are loving and wise companions and guides, accompanying them through life's shifts and expansions.

Invite in: A Malakai or an Eikonian crystalline being.


Light Guides

Those who know themselves to be light guides - who are here to be of service by sharing their wisdom and gifts with other like hearted souls - benefit from the support and guidance of the ancient stone people. 

Invite in: A zha'anari or an Auralurian crystalline being.



For the masters of metamorphosis and transformation - those who have an understanding of what Alchemy truly is, the crystal co-creators offer their energetic elements to enhance your exploration and practice of this magical art.

Invite in: An Alchemyst or a Rain Dancer crystalline being.

The Lost Art of Co-Creating with Crystal Consciousness



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