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there is a crystal singing for you

the harmonious 🎶 vibrations 🎶 of 💎 crystals 💎 is 🎶 music 🎶 to the soul

It is one of my gifts to hear the song of stones and help you to find the one who is singing just for you.

I have been hearing the stones sing since I was a child. They have taught me their language and they share their messages in many magical ways. I will know which crystal is singing for you because it will sparkle a little more than the others. It will glow a little brighter. It will seem a little more beautiful because its energetic vibe will already be in harmony with you.

What is the Song of Stones?

Everything in existence is energy in motion - vibration. Vibration is sound. So, in essence, the Universe is a Song. A harmony being sung by all of creation. Each being has their own unique frequency - their personal energy signature. Crystals have the most harmonious frequencies that exist in nature. This "song of stones" is the reason we are so drawn to them.

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 💙  I sleep with my crystal friend on my left shoulder every night.  Her love and light touches me deeply and helps me enjoy a peaceful night's rest every time. You are a gem!  Please continue doing your work. 

Anonymous from Hawaii

I feel a special bond with the crystals that came from you, even though all crystals are wonderful, there is something about the ones from you. It is like they hold a little of a feeling of being in a Song of Stones bubble. It was truly magical. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. 


 I love every one of the crystals you sent us. Most of all I am so pleased with the Soul Journey Stone. It gave me a clear and immediate feeling of finally having found it. It felt like an old friend right away. I LOVE them all, but this Soul Journey Stone is the most beautiful stone I know of. 

L from Norway