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Can you hear the song of stones?

There's a crystal singing for you.

I'm a crystal whisperer

That means, I talk to Crystals and they talk to me.

So when I send you a crystal, it's not just any ol' one. It is the one who wants to come home to you. The one who is singing just for you.

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What is the Song of Stones?

Crystals are of the purest, highest, clearest concentrations of light in the physical realm. They have been sent here, not as tools for healing but as guides, teachers and friends. They are living beings with much wisdom and many stories to share. The messages they have for us are their song ... the song of stones.

Meet the Stone Beings

Crystal O.R.B.

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Experience your Crystal through a Star Song

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Your most magical stone is your Soul Journey Stone

With this personal medicine stone, you can heal your heart, manifest your deepest desires, awaken your ancient wisdom and summon forgotten powers.

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Customer Love

The Song is perfect!! It is exactly the message I need right now


My experience with Song of Stones has been exceptional! As a stone/crystal lover, I have shopped at many places online and in store. Nothing compares to the level of love, care and connection that Smadar has to her collection


As always, it's just a joy to receive a crystal parcel from Song of Stones, its magical and I already look forward to order again in the future!


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