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Sacred Scents

There is a difference between an essential oil and a sacred scent.

A simple scent can have a powerful effect in awakening one to their Soul's desire and purpose. The key is in finding pure natural high vibrational essential oils. I searched for a long time before I came upon a truly trusted source of high vibrational aromas. I want you to have access to these magnificent essences – especially those of you are working with them on the emotional and spiritual levels. They can be key elements in accelerating the awakening process. Our oils are of the high vibration because they are co-created in harmony with the earth. My suppliers are a couple who have a deep connection and long history with sacred essences. They offer only oils that are lovingly and respectfully crafted - most of which come from distillers who have been coaxing out the scents from the earth for many generations. Many of the oils are produced in sacred ceremony using the same methods that were used thousands of years ago. Our supplier's land is located near the Grand Canyon and is off the grid and in the centre of a crystal labyrinth. The oils are lovingly hand poured with loving intention into Miron Violet Glass bottles. So rare is it to find unadulterated artisan oils that many people have never experience a truly pure essential oil. You will notice the difference.

These oils are living essences. These are essences for awakening. 

The oils are ordered 6 times a year and the selection changes from season to season. Sign up for our mailing list and select the essential oils box if you want to receive the seasonal offerings. In the meantime we have some sacred scents in stock that you can begin to enjoy right now.

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