Welcome to the New Song of Stones. You may begin making magic with the crystals while we continue to add crystals and work behind the scenes on the design.

About Me

I’m Smadar.

Welcome to my world.

In my world … crystals have consciousness, fairies are real and angels are our constant companions.

In my world … the universe is constantly communicating with us in a spectrum of creative mediums. We are part of a living story that we are at once writing, orchestrating and starring in.

In my world ... dreams are as real as waking life, light is our true form and love our first language. We radiate colourful rays that not all can see and healing is something that is done until we realize we’re already whole.

I am stone whisperer, water alchemyst and english medicine woman. I am light guide for light guides. Come explore in my world. It’s a magical place. You’ll feel right at home because this is a place for magical beings of light and I know you are one too.



Song of Stones is more than just a crystal shop. We are a sanctuary for the crystals who are kept here in sacred trust until which time you hear their song and come to find them. There is an art to connecting people with the right crystals ... and that's my gift. I care deeply about my customers and their experience at Song of Stones and I will help you to find your special crystal. When you find your "soul journey stone", magic happens. I want you to have that magical experience with your crystal guides.

In the spirit of honouring the stone beings as conscious co-creators, the crystals on this website are offered freely as a gift. The costs are for service in fair trade. This simple shift in the perspective and intention of sending and receiving the crystals can make a powerful difference in their energy. That is because when you honour the crystals as living beings rather than as healing tools, you change your relationship with them and thus your experience with them will transform. 



about me

Smadar is co-creator of songofstones.com, symbaya.com
layeringlight.com and aworldoflight.com
She is crystal whisperer, mixer of magical elixirs, light alchemist, dream dancer, fairy friend, lighht guide, spirit scribe …
She did not have "formal" training in the physical world way. (Her classroom has been in the hidden realms; her teachers the unseen ones. She's been training her whole life aided by guides from many realms - especially the Stone BEings. (A physical trauma changed her life in dramatic way and her awakening was accelerated. It was not an easy journey but a necessary one.) 


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if you would like to know more about Smadar's story and how she came to a place of well being with the help of the Stone Beings and how she came to be "English Medicine Woman".