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About Me


about me

I’m Smadar …

I’ll be your guide on this magical journey.

 I am wildly sensitive, some of my best friends are crystals and I see magic everywhere. As a child I would lay on the grass and look up to the stars and wonder about the mysteries of the universe and even though I grew up in a “practical” (the muggle) world I never stopped wondering. My whole life I felt compelled to seek the answers to life’s deepest questions and what I discovered changed the way I saw the world.

I confess that I am a bit of a hermit but the universe has been gently nudging me to come out of my comfy cocoon and share what I have learned about magic with other sensitive souls who are feeling overwhelmed by the powerfully shifting energies of our world. I know how lonely and scary this earth existence can be and so I’m stepping out to help you find your way back to your magic. I understand that you are looking to get validation and understanding for your crazy experiences and finally find the answer to the question your restless spirit has been seeking


… is magic real?


Song of Stones is more than just a crystal shop. We are a sanctuary for the crystals who are kept here in sacred trust until which time you hear their song and come to find them. There is an art to connecting people with the right crystals ... and that's my gift. I care deeply about my customers and their experience at Song of Stones and I will help you to find your special crystal. When you find your "soul journey stone", magic happens. I want you to have that magical experience with your crystal guides.

In the spirit of honouring the stone beings as conscious co-creators, the crystals on this website are offered freely as a gift. The costs are for service in fair trade. This simple shift in the perspective and intention of sending and receiving the crystals can make a powerful difference in their energy. That is because when you honour the crystals as living beings rather than as healing tools, you change your relationship with them and thus your experience with them will transform. 


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