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A Star Song (add-on) co-created with a Crystal you just adopted from us.

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NOTE:  This option is only available when you purchase a crystal or stone in the same order that you Add this Star Song. This is a distance essence. Your Star Song will be transmitted to you vibrationally.

If you have chosen to bring home a crystal or stone, you may wish to include a Star Song, co-created with your crystal.  With a Star Song, you will experience the energy of your stone being in a new way.

Star Songs are a co-creation of pure sparkling spring water harmonized with the ethereal energy of your choosing and energetically transformed into a mysterious elixir.  If you have purchased a crystal or stone and would like to experience its energy through one of these ethereal co-creations, I would be honoured to guide one into presence for you.  Something magical happens when these co-creations come into being.  Experiencing the energy of your crystal through a Star Song Elixir is a quite different than connecting with it physically.  It's like eating a fruit or drinking the juice of the fruit - both are delicious and nourishing in their own right - but the way in which we experience their sweetness is very different.

NOTE:  If you have chosen more than one crystal, send me note in the message box during checkout and let me know which one(s) you'd like a star song co-created with.  It can be one or all ... they love to come together in circle.

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