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Soul Journey Stone - Song of Stones

Soul Journey Stone

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You call for your Soul Journey Stone now but your crystalline co-creator heard you aeons ago and its life path was orchestrated so it would be here now at this time and place - just as you are ready to journey with it.

Soul Journey Stones are personal medicine stones of ancient energy which you may invite into your life for the purpose of initiating soul level alignment and the activation of your light body.  Coming together with your Soul Journey Crystal awakens a forgotten power and ancient wisdom, stirring you to deep Soul level exploration and powerful physical world transformation!  This stone can guide you through a powerful metamorphosis into a truer you. When you connect with the right crystal and you do so with conscious intent and sacred co-creation, magic happens. It is the difference between receiving them as a tool or as a sacred guide. If you are ready to receive your SOUL JOURNEY CRYSTAL, I would like to help you find it.  For more detailed information about receiving a Soul Journey Stone, download YOUR SOUL JOURNEY STONE booklet now

I will be in touch with you by email when I receive your order to discuss whether there is a specific situation or intention that you have for your crystal.  I will enter into sacred contract with you and the energy of your Soul Journey Stone and allow your stone to guide me to it. That stone is offered to you as a gift.  The fee is for the service.   I allow this ceremony to unfold in harmony and synchronicity with all energies involved, so I ask that you be patient and allow up to 2 weeks (or longer) for your crystal to be found.  Once I have found your crystal, I will contact you and let you know.  I will wrap your sacred stone with love and respect and make arrangements to ship it out to you as soon as possible.    Due to the nature of this sacred contract, the fee for this service is non-refundable.

You will receive a Soul Journey Stone that is chosen specially for you in a guided sacred ceremony.