Welcome to the New Song of Stones. You may begin making magic with the crystals while we continue to add crystals and work behind the scenes on the design.


Our Lightbrary of crystal wisdom

Crystals show us the beauty of connecting to the stillness in the midst of chaos. With their light, they inspire us to glow and sparkle as brightly. They show us who we truly are.

Crystals by Kingdom

THE MALAKAI:  These are the beings that have a story to tell and a message to share. They are the Story Tellers. The Messengers. The Sacred Scribes. They are the royals - leaders and visionaries.

THE ALCHEMYSTS: Alchemy - true alchemy - is not what it is believed to be by most who study it hoping to coax out its secrets.  It is not the physical art of transforming base metal into gold and it is not either a journey of spiritual enlightenment.  Step forth if you care, if you dare, to venture into a new understanding of what Alchemy truly is. The Alchemysts are the crystalline beings who come forward to offer their guidance and wisdom with your exploration into the truth of this magical art.

THE DRAGON GUARD: You have dared venture into a magical space reserved only for those who have a deep and sacred trust of the hidden magic in this world.  STOP NOW AND GO NO FURTHER if you are not ready to step into the darkness of the inner realms.  There the only light you'll find is your own.  So if you are to see ... truly see ... then you must allow your light to shine in all its power so that it may guide your way.  Here you will find the stone beings who have revealed themselves to be the Dragon Guard. They come to show you how to bring forth the strength that comes from your ancient magical ties to the flying fire creatures of the hidden realms.

THE WILDERENES: These are the beings that carry the energy of the wild and magical creatures of our world. These wild spirit possess a charm and character that takes our breath away. Their presence together is purposeful and if you are to be part of this connection, there will be no doubt.

THE ELYSIANS: There are sacred, magical beings that hold space in the earthly realm. They are most often not visible to the naked eye. Sometimes these beings take crystalline form. They are the Elysians. You will see in them Angels, fairies, and other divine and fantastical creatures of distant realms.

THE METAMORPHS: These beings are form Shifters who are adept in the art of magical metamorphic transformations. They are the ones who have or will change form, colour or shape. They are the Star Child Crystals (self-healed). You will be drawn to this clan if you are destined to go through great transformation in this lifetime. They can teach you how to move through the turbulence of grand shifts with greater ease and less fear.  

THE ZHA'ANARI (jah-uh-nah-ree) (zha'ala is singular - pronounced - jah-uh-lah): The Medicine Clan. They are the medicine women - the shamanic journeyers - the healers. They are masters of the art of wellness through all the bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). They come to guide their human counterparts in this sacred art and epic purpose. They are the light guides for the light guides.

THE KALONS: These crystal beings sing a song of beauty.  The type of beauty they were telling story of is quite special.  One that is rarely experienced.  It is a beauty that emerges when one soul sees another soul.  I am not speaking of the type of beauty that comes from a close relationship - even that of the most intimate one.  I'm talking about seeing beyond the physical personality of a person right into the depth of their soul - their real and true essence - their Divine self.  When you can do that, the beauty that emerges is beyond the most breathtaking sight in this physical world.  These crystals come forward to remind us how to see the hidden inner beauty of our world - beauty that often goes unseen ... UNBEKNOWNST BEAUTY.

THE MOON RIDERS: This is a grand universe and there are many beings living in it.  No matter how far or how different these beings are, we are all, at our essence, connected.  The Moon Riders offer us a connection - a bridge - to other worlds and realms. They offer us an opening to connect with those far away beings.  We are capable of creating these bridges through time and space on our own. The Moon Riders journey here to help us remember how and show us what to do.

THE AURALURIANS: These beings are light catchers. They play with light and colour and reveal the secrets of light and colour. These crystals hold rainbow both visible and unseen. They are the misty opalescent stones who come to show you how to see the shapes in the mist.

THE RAIN DANCERS: Water is one of this earth's most magical substances. Without it there would be no "true" alchemy. The Rain Dancers carry the energy of this magical substance and come forward to those who are working with the water energy.

THE EIKONIANS: Twins and reflectors, these beings come into your life when you are exploring relationships whether it's family relationships, love, kinship, friendship, group work, etc. These beings are clear reflectors of your true spirit and higher self. The most important relationship is the one with yourself and they come to show you that.