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Worry Stones

Worry can be debilitating.

At this time in our history many (if not all) of us are worried about someone or something. There is not one human being on this planet who has not been affected by the global pandemic in one way or another.

So what do we do?

What do we do when a family member is sick, or we have lost our source of income, or our children are missing out on their education and simple recreation? I mean just the day to day of trying to protect our physical health is enough to keep us in a constant state of worry.

So what do we do when we are overcome with worry?

In the moments that we are fretting so much that common sense and reason cannot occupy the same space as our irrational thoughts and doomsday fantasies, we may not be thinking clearly enough to even think of trying to soothe our overactive imaginations. If it dawns on us to do so, we can reach for our favourite crystal and the soothing energy of that stone can work very quickly to calm our worries.

Ideally, you will gather together a circle of stones that you know have a calming effect to have nearby. Then you won’t be searching for them when your worries take over and you can’t focus—or worse forget that there is something simple that can help get you out of your head. I keep my favourites in a stone bowl close to me so I will remember them in stressful times.

Any crystal can potentially help you feel better when you’re worried. If you are not sure where to begin, I’ve made a list of the stone beings who can be especially helpful. I went straight to the stones to ask which of them would be the most soothing in such situations. The following are the ones who were singing in response.

Worry Stones

Fluorite says that they will help to settle the mind when it spirals into consistent thoughts of unlikely scenarios. Any of the Fluorite crystals will help but Chameleon Fluorite in particular was singing. These colour changing stones will show you how quickly you can transform the tone of your mood.

Red selenite stones say that they can bring light to the traumatic experience of feeling helpless and show you that there are things that you can do to help besides worry.

Angelite stones say that their energy will tune you in to your personal angelic guardian. For those times when you are worried about someone in particular, they will connect you to them through your angel. Imagine your angel reaching out to their angel and through them you will be connected.

Fucshite has a soothing deep green tone and an uplifting sparkle. When holding them, that closed in feeling begins to fade away. Instead you will feel expansive and free, while being cradled by the earth.

Kyanite will take you into the truth of your power and guide you on how to release pent up energies that can become toxic when allowed to stagnate. Hold your crystal up towards the heavens and let them show you how to let go of the strain that worrying has created in your body.

Picture Jasper’s soft surface and rolling patterns can take you into a relaxed state and peaceful presence.

Holey stones lift the loneliness that comes from living in a constant state of worry. This is an essential ally at a time when we are so isolated.

Variscite lightens the load that you are feeling and shows you that the Universe never leaves you alone to carry your burdens.

Pearl’s iridescent rainbow sheen will bring hope to your heart and activate your natural protective energetic shields.

These crystals and many others can help you when you are in the thick of things and you need some instant relief. Their energies do also work cumulatively over time and can eventually help to prevent you from going into worry mode to begin with.

If you want to go beyond just dealing with your worries and to the origin of your issues so they can be resolved once and for all, invite in a soul journey stone. These personal medicine stones have a way of shifting you into your truest, highest purpose in this lifetime. When you are aligned with your soul’s destiny, there is no room in your heart for such things as worry.

Remember the stone beings. They can help.