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Holey Stones

Holey Stones

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Holey stones are composed of sandstone and have naturally occurring holes caused by weather, water, or tiny shelled sea creatures. In ancient times they were sacred stones of protection - especially for children and animals - and are still highly coveted. Holey Stones are also known as Odin Stones, after a mythological poem where Odin transmuted himself into a worm and slipped through a hole in a rock to steal "the mead of poetry". Looking through the holes in these stones by day is said to improve eyesight and by night, to see those ethereal beings which are not usually visible to the physical eye.

These incredible stone beings were hand harvested off the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast by a very special soul. She hand-picked each one over countless hours of beach-combing during family trips. These are very special stone beings which come here at this time with a stunning message about releasing the fear buried deep in our lonliness. Holey stones come to support us in seeing that there is nothing that we are missing. The open spaces are part of the grand design. If you are drawn to the Holey Stones, they shared a special song that is available in the Lightbrary section of this website.

Each one of these magnificent stone beings is unique. No two will be alike. In some you can see the abandoned shells in some of the holes. They range in size from approx. 1/2" to approx. 3". I will listen for the Holey stone who is singing for you.