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Seeing Peace

I had been sheltering myself from the news of death and destruction in the Middle East. It’s been something many of us have been thinking about. How can we not. It may be happening on the other side of the world, but it affects us all. I’d been avoiding the news channel and the newspapers and the constant updates online, but one message got through to me. It said something amazing …


"It was as if a shift had occurred late on the nite of the 18th…the hamas commanders contacted Israeli ground forces and agreed to stop firing rockets and put down their weapons…rocket launchers were immediately dismantled and hamas leaders announced a complete cessation of violence towards israel…israeli military personnel together with PA personnel have been invited in to collect all weapons and demilitarize gaza…the jews muslims and christians in the area are all celebrating in the streets…peace is imminent…its a miracle…"


I believed it. I truly believed it.

This wasn’t, I discovered, what was actually happening there. In reality missiles were flying back and forth. People were not dancing, they were dying. But this imaginal message got me to thinking. I was the only one (who I knew of) who believed it was true. There were many who wanted to believe it was true. Many wished it to be true. Many had hope that this would come to pass in the future.  But nobody would accept that it was true NOW.

Why was it so hard to believe? 

And is it because it is so hard to believe that keeps it from becoming a reality?

Do we have to SEE PEACE before we can experience it?

Do we have to believe that it is true for it to become our new reality?

I looked to the ones I often go to for deeper understanding. I looked to the Stone Beings. If we want to truly understand peace, the Stones and Crystals are the best beings on the planet to learn from … and the Stars are the ones outside our planet which can help us understand peace––but that is another conversation.

Crystals and Stones form under extreme and violet forces. Explosions, molten liquid, fractures and breaks. These are forces few others, if any, on our planet would survive. They are separated from their family clusters/community, they lose parts of themselves, they are smashed and crashed, they are torn and worn. These beings have seen turmoil and violence the likes of which most of us can barely imagine.

Yet they are the most peaceful beings on our planet.

How did they end up in such a powerfully peaceful and physically beautiful state being born of such violent forces? Perhaps it was BECAUSE of their violent upbringing that they can understand such depth of peace. I wonder if it is because they accepted all parts of their existence “peacefully” without conflict within themselves. I personally believe that is a key of peacefulness … accepting what is without conflict. Conflict only breeds conflict.

It is like the caterpillar in the chrysalis, losing it’s current identity. Parts of its body dissolving away, replaced by something foreign – an INVADING entity. It essentially dies and is reborn in a completely different form. The caterpillar doesn’t struggle against the metamorphosis but rather initiates it and surrenders to the process.

So what are the Stone Beings showing us about peace?

Let’s open up a dialogue.

Let’s discuss peace instead of war.

I invite you to start your own conversations about peace––with your crystals, with yourself, with friends and family members, with your community, with the Universe.

I invite you to share your experiences or thoughts or ideas or imaginings about peace … about what you’ve gleaned from the wisdom of the stone beings in regards to peaceful presence.

What are the crystalline spirits saying to you about peace?

Crystals for inner harmony

One of the simplest and quickest ways to enter into a state of inner calm and peace is by connecting with our breath. Aquamarine is a beautiful crystal guide for breath work. These gemmy blue crystals shared a breath technique in the Crystal Breath light log post.

Anthill Garnet is a magical stone that is mined by the ants themselves. They show us the incredible strength and power that comes from community.

Selenite shows us how to attract light by "being light". With each strand of light (of ourselves) that we unify, our power and strength grows.

Picture Jasper is a deeply nurturing stone and offers support to those of us who are experiencing inner conflict.


Originally Posted on November 27, 2012

(If you didn't know this post was created years ago, you might easily think that I was talking about what was happening right now.)