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Crystal Breath

Sometimes, a crystal’s purpose aligns with a person’s life journey in such a profound way that they must meet. Sometimes the two are so far apart from each other that it takes something magical to bring them together.

In the big scheme of things, such occurrences are rare. But as a crystal whisperer, I’ve seen it happen on many an occasion. That’s because it’s part of my purpose to bring people and crystals together.

When a crystal whispers

Such a thing happened earlier this week when a beautiful Aquamarine Crystal began singing for someone. I was very tired that day and by 8pm my eyelids began closing involuntarily. Have you ever seen that cartoon cat with toothpicks holding his open and his eyes are so heavy that one by one the picks snap? That was me.

Of course I’d already gone to bed when I heard the silent song. It was so compelling that I went back down to play with the crystals until I had it in my hands. I'm not sure how long it was. It could have been an hour or 2.

Song and Dance

Responding to a crystal’s whispers is very much like dancing, your body moving in harmony with the rhythm getting completely lost in the music, not even realizing you’d been dancing until the song has ended.

You’ll often hear me referring to it as a dance. Because it is a co-creation—a partnership. Two bodies, gracefully moving together as one. Both responding, as much to each other as to the beat of the song.

For the full story, click on the play button below.

That milky blue stone was for my friend. The other aqua crystals that are here are singing for you. I have tried to share them many times before but something always distracted me. Some crystals are like that. They are on a very specific timeline. The stars must be aligned just so. The moon in the right phase. The players must be present and ready. Their time was now.

After being quiet for so long, they were humming quite vibrantly now. I find myself wondering if their electric energy is the cause of my restlessness this week. It was either that or the rare passing of the Nishimura comet (every 440 years).


These tiny, beautifully formed aqua crystals are saying that through the filter of their blue tone, they purify and transform anything that has become embedded and is obstructing the airways. They show us how to release the resistance to the irritation by rediscovering a part of the self that has been hidden or denied. This will not only cleanse the passageways but also renders the toxin (allergen/irritant) inert.

Breathe easy with Aquamarine

These crystals have come forward to show us how to breathe more gently, more easily and more effectively. They inspired this breath practice...

In the moments that your breath is strained, you can breathe in the blue of aquamarine to clear the channels. But don’t wait until you have a moment of stress in the breath to practice breathing with crystals.

Sit in stillness with an aquamarine crystal in your palm or somewhere near your body. If you are laying down you can place it on your chest near your lungs. Then take in the energy of the blue of the crystal on the inhale.

Imagine the light of this crystal as a light pale blue mist being drawn into your nose and spreading through your lungs. This cool colour feeling warm in your chest.

Imagine this mist moving through all the pathways and channels of your breathing organs, clearing and cleansing any stagnation or obstruction, transforming any blocked energy into that same gentle blue light.

On the exhale, your breath, in harmony with the crystal’s blue light, fills the air around you with an energy of gentle support.

We can do this together at our next live crystal mediation.

More Magic

As well as for breathwork, invite these aquamarine crystals into your meditation practice and keep them nearby at night for deeper sleep. In a very playful way, they told me that aquamarine can be a bridge between our world and the Elvin community.

I don’t know if what was shared by these crystals is for all aquamarine. I always say to take what is given about a crystal’s metaphysical properties lightly and explore for yourself what will come from your personal relationship with the stone beings.

Important note: the metaphysical information that was shared is for educational and informational purposes only, and does not constitute medical advice.