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Anthill Garnet - Song of Stones

Anthill Garnet

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Anthill Garnet, also known as Arizona Chrome Pyrope Garnet comes from the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, USA. (Other trade names include: Arizona Ruby, Ant Hill Garnet, Chrome Pyrope, Pyrope). 

These are NOT commercially mined gems! They are mined by ... YES ... you guessed it ... ANTS! Truly. The Ants will remove them when they are building or repairing their ant hills. All that is left for the Humans to do is to simply come by and collect them by picking the rough stones up by hand after the Ants have excavated them out of their colonies.

Ants are amazing beings. They are architects, builders, doctors, soldiers. They are known for their strength and when you see the Garnets you can easily imagine the physical power necessary for these ants, who are not much bigger than the stones, to carry them outside their "Hills". In a recent connection with an Ant guide, their oneness of being was revealed in a sharing of the loss of one of the Ant Queen's children. In this sharing they expressed that they do not see this as a loss, but rather a transformation.

"The child is not gone she is still here. Only her physical form has transformed."

They see and hear and feel things differently than we do. They experience "loss" differently than we do. After this connection, I can understand the reason they (and other social insects are considered to be "altruistic". It is in seeing themselves as one whole, rather than separate individuals, that they will naturally live their lives for the good of all. This does not mean they do not care for the individual. I once heard about an Entomologist who was able to capture film of a group of ants rescuing a member of their family, who was injured - had a splinter I believe. Part of the group formed a protective circle around the injured ant while others performed surgery and removed the splinter. As I said, they are quite amazing creatures.