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My Hatino - Crystal of Unbeknownst Beauty - Song of Stones

My Hatino - Crystal of Unbeknownst Beauty

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A special group of Arkansas Quartz Crystals began singing a song of beauty. The type of beauty they were telling story of is quite special. One that is rarely experienced. It is a beauty that emerges when one soul sees another soul. I am not speaking of the type of beauty that comes from a close relationship - even that of the most intimate one.  I'm talking about seeing beyond the physical personality of a person right into the depth of their soul - their real and true essence - their Divine self.  When you can do that, the beauty that emerges is beyond the most breathtaking sight in this physical world.  These crystals come forward to remind us how to see the hidden inner beauty of our world - beauty that often goes unseen ...


This mystical being is a crystal cluster. They are a Star Child and they are singer crystals. If you touch them in just the right way, you will hear their song. When I listened for their name, I saw letters emerge.They are ... My Hatino. There are more messages written upon her body, waiting to be seen. They are a Scribal Crystal.

This crystal is approx. 6-1/2" x 6"

NOTE:  This one is an oversized Crystal and may incur additional shipping charges depending on destination.