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Singing Crystals

Singing crystals are Quartz Crystals which have a unique tone that is heard when two crystals are gently tapped together.  Only one needs to be a singer for the tone to be heard.  The best way to listen is to hold them in the palm of your hand and allow them to gently roll together.  Their unique tone can sometimes be heard simply by running your finger along one of its sides.

The sound they make is similar to 2 crystal glasses clinking together in a toast.  The best way to understand them is to experience them, by doing the same thing with 2 crystals which are not singers and comparing the sounds.

They are quite special ... a favorite of mine.  Is it any wonder, having chosen the name 'Song of Stones'!

Singing Laser Wands are slender tapered crystals said to have been developed by thought projection during visitation from other planetary beings who were close to the earth in a space craft.  It is believed to have been used to assist space craft from other worlds during navigation and landing.  They share a common sound and contain a solution to the obstacles of communication between the earth plan and extra terrestrial beings.

Singing crystals express the full spectrum of sound and are compatible with the spectrum of light.  They create the powerful higher pitched "OM" vibration, bringing about the creative forces.  The body can attune to this spectrum and can emanate the energy and reality of the higher self. 

Singing crystals combine the healing vibrations of Mother Earth with the energy of the stars.   These special crystals further assist to bring joy to one's life and encourage one to move to the rhythm of ones own drum.


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