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Star Child Crystals (aka Self-Healed Crystals)

In my work with the stone beings, I found myself often attracting and being drawn to the “self-healed” crystals.  I have never seen them as less than perfect, though that picture was painted with their name and the words used to describe them – the words I was using to describe them.

When we are describing a crystal to another, we do need to use words (or pictures).  When people are choosing crystals for themselves, they often want to know if it is “whole” – if it has been “damaged” in any way. They want to know if a crystal is “broken”.  I began to call it an injury because broken carries the negative connotation of permanence and an injury can be healed. However, I never really felt comfortable calling them “injured” either. That also didn’t seem right. I pondered how I could describe the “self-healed” or “broken” crystal?  so I went to the crystals and asked them what they wanted to be called. How would the crystals describe themselves?

What I heard from all of them was:

“we are whole”  and “we are open”

This was the beginning … the “opening” to the song they shared with me:

We are shifting … there is a part of us that you can’t see at the moment … it is there – we are whole … we are complete … the part that you see as missing is not within us … it is a part of your self that you are not seeing as whole or well or complete.

Those parts that are described as self-healed with layers of new growth … like the scales of a dragon or fish (which also sparkle or are iridescent) are a transformation and new creation. They are movement – expansions – openings (hence the description “open”). The layers on the dragon or fish called scales are there to allow greater movement – greater flexibility … to OPEN to positions – perspectives – PLACES – SPACES they otherwise would not be physically able to reach.

Yes something is different now – something is “gone” in a sense – we needed to let go of something for this transformation to occur.  But it only seems as if there is something missing or broken or injured from one perspective – from a stiff, rigid place. Upon the completion of the “healing” – with new found flexibility … something different can be seen.

What happens during these openings (healings) is the natural version of what gem cutters do.  They take a stone and “cause” an “injury” … they cut the stone and they scrape away at it. Are they breaking the stone? It could seem that way. Or they could be seen as having transformed it. They may be seen to have “created” something.  Something that is beautiful and sparkles or glows … that plays with light in a way that takes our breath away … the same stone which before the transformation few would look twice at – never mind pay money for – is now admired and quite valuable.

We do the same thing – we are creating/transforming/shifting … but our intents and purposes may be different than those of the stone cutter.  We are creating a new song … in a sense, we are creating new life … having babies!

So do you still see us as broken or injured … or do you see the miracle of life/creation?

There was more to be heard from these wise ones. I gathered together a group of these “open” crystals who volunteered to come together to share more about who they were. I set them out before me to listen to their song and I found that an ARC had been created – like a rainbow! That was a revelation because colour is the material of creation. When we see rainbows we are seeing creation. I realized that a rainbow can be found in ALL the healed crystals – whether seen or not. That is really what the healed crystals do – with new growth, they re-create themselves. Their “open” state forms something else that parallels rainbows .. a bridge to other realms.  Just as rainbows are openings to other realms of existence, so too are these “open” crystals. This is why we can often see ethereal beings taking up space in these crystals … like fairies/angels/spirit animals or other such beings.  We are seeing them through an opening created by the “break/injury”.

So these special crystals are certainly not incomplete … they are open but yet still whole. It is in their “open” spaces that creation is possible. Would you call a space of creation, incomplete?

There are numerous types of “open” crystals (types of self-healed crystals, ie rainbow, shard, healed base, ET, inner healing, crystals that appear to grow out from within a crystal. etc.), each forming a unique type of opening (portal). Other types of crystal formations which might not be seen as “broken” are also “open” crystals. “Bridge” crystals (A small crystal which penetrates and is located partially in, and partially outside of a larger crystal). There had to be an opening created for them to be joined together. From this, we may come to understand that ALL crystals are OPEN crystals and all are complete and whole. We can expand that understand and see that ALL BEINGS are OPEN and connected to ALL that is (all realms).

We seem to be broken, but we are part of a whole … even the pieces which look whole “appear” separate … this would make more sense if you saw us in our prior form – before we were removed from our last location – I can say birth place – but that wouldn’t be completely accurate.

But in truth, though we appear to be separate from the cave, or rock face, or the ground from which we came (and that place separate from the original mountain, etc.), we are not.  We are part of a whole – a oneness … we are unified in ways you have not yet imagined or have forgotten.  But for now it is enough to trust that we are not broken and we have not been hurt/injured and it is not a shame or a loss, or a problem, or an issue or sad and especially not something to feel angry about.

Our form may have shifted and changed, but all forms do.  Even those which last for centuries or millennia … they simply change at different speeds and for different purposes.

We equate beauty with perfection of form … with proportional features, but this way of judging beauty leads to disappointment and unhappiness, because the proportions we are seeking are temporary and illusory.

In truth we are all in perfect proportion to our purpose … and our proportions/appearances change – not to move out of perfection – but to REMAIN in perfection. So perfection is always ours and we are always perfect … and each change or shift or transformation or seeming injury maintains this balance … this harmony … this perfection.

But when we become attached to form … at whatever point in the continual movement of balance/harmony … then we lose sight of perfection and begin to see flaws. What can be seen as creation or transformation is then seen as an injury or mishap (mishap-e). What can be seen as an invading substance or undesirable inclusion (inclusion/including is harmonizing – exclusion/exclusive is separating) may be what creates a rainbow, or the beautiful colour or inner sparkle or the openings through which we can see fairies, angels (and other beings).

We can see pregnancy as an invading form which grows and causes changes in form, discomfort and pain, and sometimes even threatens the life it has invaded. Or we can see the beautiful creation of new life … the miracle that carries forth and expands the species.

None of these things take anything away from the original form (actually the original form is much deeper than what we’re discussing – but that is another story). Perhaps it better said this way … no change takes anything away from what was there before … it only enhances and deepens the essence of the form. How it is seen depends on how it is viewed … is it destruction or creation?  Is it birth or is it death?  Is it random or does it have purpose?  Is it broken or transformed? Some changes are unexpected.  They come at a time that we feel we did not choose.  They are of a nature we feel we did not choose.  Because they do not fall into our expectations we judge then to be “bad”.

If we can stay open we may see their true purpose. If that doesn’t happen right away, we can always ask to be shown. If we are open enough we will see the answer when it is revealed. But even when we don’t see the purpose – when we are clueless and confused and we’re not hearing the answers to our question – we can have faith. If we trust that there IS purpose, (even though it hasn’t been revealed to us yet), then we will begin to see the beauty and harmony – even in the broken, healing, open, ugly phases of transformation.

If we can set aside our expectations, and remain open, we can see the beauty and perfection in the “broken” Stone being … and then we can begin to see this beauty and harmony and perfection in ALL things.


In the physical world of boundaries, we see things as having a beginning, a middle and an end.  We are taught that all stories and writings should have these as well – or they will not “pass” the standards set by those within these boundaries. But truth is that life is not a line of a certain length with a beginning, a middle and an end.  It is more like a circle or spiral – continuous, infinite, creative. What we see as boundaries or endings are just creative shifts in the story.  It is not over … simply changing – transforming – morphing even – but never-ending. The OPEN crystals show us this so clearly … they show us that what we see so distinctly as an ending is really creation – moving in a new form and direction … emerging from a space seen by some as ended.

Sometimes the creative shift requires great energy and there is a shattering or a breaking through what seemed like solid barriers leaving rainbows and splinters, reflecting light.  Sometimes there is so little left of the previous form that a completely new form emerges.  It might have been seen as broken beyond repair – or it can be seen as completely transformed.

There is a specific type of “self-healed” crystal that illustrates this beautifully. It is those ones where a new crystal comes up where the original had been broken. This new crystal seems to have grown out from within itself. They remind me of how a new tree can grow out of a seemingly dead stump. It’s amazing to see life springing out from a stump because we have such rigid beliefs about life and death. We see the stump of a fallen tree and we assume that it is dead. There is more to a life than what we see on the surface.

The plant people show us this all the time and yet we are still surprised. Each spring rise up out of a once cold, seemingly barren ground and form beautiful, colourful forms which nourish the world in may ways. If we paid attention, we would be amazing. Just watch the cycle of a vine. In the winter months, the vine will shed it’s leaves and turn brown and seem lifeless. As the outside temperatures warm, the vine will turn green again and soon leaves and flowers and fruits spring up. Even if we cut down that vine when it dried, come summertime it would rise up so fully we would never know it had been cut down. If we paid attention, we would be amazed. We may even begin to soften our narrow views of what life is. We might even see that as living beings, we were capable of so much more than we limit ourselves to.

Close your eyes and see that our current form is not who we truly are … we are creative beings … we are creation.

Our current form fits us perfectly for the story in which we are the STAR – CENTRE (all other forms in our story revolve around our centre and their form perfectly fits their part in the story.  At the same time, each of them are the STARS and CENTRE of their story TOO.

When we understand the truth of our being and our true creativeness, we break free of the boundaries of the story-line and truly begin to create.  When this happens, our outer form shifts … the extent of the shift is dependent on the extent of our creativity. We are not bound by what appears to be the solidness of our form.  There are no limitations to our form … it is simply molding itself to our thoughts and expectations.

As these magnificent beings completed this song that moved me so deeply, I asked them …So my open, creative, beautiful friends … what is your name?


and in the plural – not star children… but STAR CHILD CRYSTALS.