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Stream of Matter

Stream of Matter

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This crystal is a Lemurian with a peachy tint and a tabular formation. She is a singer. She is also a manifestation crystal. There are several inner crystals that can be seen if you know what you are looking for. One of the crystals lives in the centre of the crystal very close to the surface. It is so clear that but for it's borders would be hidden from your view. You need to be looking at it from just the right angle and in just the right way in order for it to be seen. It is visible in the main image and the 2 images of the wide angle of the complete crystal.  Not all the inner crystals can be seen with the naked eye. A viewing glass will allow you to see things you would otherwise not know were there. I just noticed that part of this dance of inner crystals creates a swan. Swan is a being of dichotomy - of gentleness with great power. In animal medicine swan is a symbol of manifestation. The inner manifestation crystals create a "stream of matter". You can see that these inner crystals flow together in a purposeful direction.

The Manifestation crystal is a Crystal with a smaller crystal totally enclosed within it. These crystals are quite rare. To use the manifestation crystal we must know that we are clear and perfect channels, that a pure white light provides the guiding way, and that the purity of the Divine is within the inner self. If we wish to use the crystal to manifest something, we must be clear about what we want. We must clear any feelings of ambivalence and any inner turmoil prior to using this crystal. These crystals can also be used to facilitate artistic creativity, creative thinking, agricultural pursuits, and to increase or decrease any aspect of ones life.

Here's a song the crystals with the manifestation energy have shared with us.

approx. 6-1/4" x 1-1/2"