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Song of Lemurian Crystals

I began to notice that many Lemurian Crystals were showing up.  There were so many different types and I was drawn to listing them all together.  I began to see a purpose.  So I thought I’d let the crystals reveal what that purpose was.  Here’s the song that they shared:



First let’s talk about the crystals themselves.  They have a very gentle energy and there is a reason for that.

The Lemurians – we’ll call them that for now – were a people who lived as one.

When you think of Unity and Solidarity, you see it in human terms.  This is not of what we speak.  We speak of harmony.  We speak of being together – where each being is unique and individual, yet at the same time a part of the whole.

It is a very difficult concept for Humans to grasp because you live in such separateness.  Even in your spiritual pursuits there is this separation from each other.  That is why there is such mistrust of spirituality.  Your leaders say ‘we are one’, yet the energy they hold vibrates to a different frequency than their words.

The oneness we speak of … the harmony of the Lemurians … is something Humans have not fully experienced yet.  There have been moments and glimpses into this harmony.  Such moments are held in the soul for eternity.  They are not easily forgotten.  Once one has a glimpse they usually spend their lives trying to recapture or recreate this feeling sometimes referred to as Nirvana.

This is the reason for the attraction to the Lemurian crystals and stones.  The Lemurian Stone beings carry this vibration of harmony and unity.  They hold that essence of individuality within a group consciousness … one of pure acceptance … of all of who you are … man, woman, young, elder, doesn’t matter what you do, what your appearance, what your tastes … you are who you are and you are also an integral part of the whole.  You are seen and heard completely with pure acceptance – with complete love.

This is not an energy often found in this physical world you live in – certainly not for more than very brief moments of time.

But you recognize this vibration of harmony and you are drawn to it without necessarily fully understanding why.

That is why you are drawn to the Lemurian energy.  And this harmonious energy of love and acceptance is why this energy is so gentle.

Know this though … that just because you have this energy in your presence, does not mean you will feel it so easily.  That requires something of you.  Acceptance.  Not of the beautiful stone being that may be with you, but acceptance of yourself.  The Lemurian Stone Beings can offer their support if you so choose to open to this love energy and see the beauty within your very being.

You can, of course find this space of acceptance without anything outside of you, but the Stone Beings are a beautiful source of support in this paradigm shift, if that is the way you have chosen to experience it.

I found myself wanting to know more about Lemuria.  I did some research on the internet, but I felt that there was more to know, something that was not there in any of the information that was out there.  I did receive a short song on Lemuria.  I offer that as a gift when you take home any of the Lemurian crystals or stone beings.  If you have purchased a Lemurian crystal and would like me to forward you the info on Lemuria, please send me a note and I’ll email it to you.  I don’t suggest that this would replace your own knowing of Lemuria or any of the information that is out there and I would not say it is the definitive info on Lemuria … I only offer what I received.
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