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Daymin of the Tangerine Time Totems - Song of Stones

Daymin of the Tangerine Time Totems

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I have been blessed with the presence of a group of beautifully formed and coloured Tangerine Quartz. From among these Delicious Tangerine crystals a particular group made their presence known. They shared a quality that I recognized but could not put to words until they shared their song. I soon discovered that they all seemed to have time links ... I just checked each one and YES they all have at least one time link somewhere on the crystal - not all may be easy to spot - on one the crystal has a small chip where the time link is - so it is not "complete" but I still consider it to be there nonetheless. 

Tangerine Quartz vibrates to the number 7 and is the astrological sign of Leo & Libra. Tangerine Quartz has been used to promote Inner Self evaluation and evolution. It brings us the strength and the loving essence to continue in any and all pursuits. With Tangerine Quartz, unwarranted fears can fade. Its energy can help us to feel less vulnerable, more dispassionate, and calm, when evaluating the need, the creativity required, and the actual path for "change". It allows us to re-trace any negative energies which attempt to penetrate our protective shield and allows us to see the origin of and the reasons for this negativity. It acts to expand our etheric vision and to enhance encounters with others such that sharing and giving are accentuated. It helps us to feel connected. It stimulates the sacral chakra and enhances creativity, intuition and sexuality. It can be used to align the outer bodies, to provide grounding and to create a pathway to the Higher Self energy. It provides for a leveling of emotions and a furthering of desire which is directed by the intellect. It has been used to activate mysticism, bringing total experiences of the body, mind and spirit and allowing us to attune with the known and the unknown.

Daymin is approx. 3" x 3/4"