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Tangerine Time Totem Songs

Being with this group of crystals is like being with family … being comfortable with a group of people you know and who know you.  You’re not trying to get to know anyone; you’re not needing to explain who you are … you just are. This is a very loving energy … very comforting and supportive.  Gentle and easy.  Easy in the way of being just who you are without needing to try.  Family!


Take your time … Breathe … Not slowly.  Not quickly.  Just breathe.  Not deeply.  Not with shallow breaths.  Just breathe … with no thought to how you are doing it … with no need to try to do it a certain way.   Sound familiar.  It IS the same feeling you were just describing in being around us.  Easy.  Like being with family.

You’re perceiving this topic as difficult to explain, but it is just the opposite – easy.  What is challenging is accepting easy.  You often believe that if there is no pain, there is no gain.  That there needs to be sweat, blood and tears to accomplish something worthwhile.  Truth is … the hard stuff is really just your own resistance to the natural flow of the Universe.  it is actually very gentle.  It eases you along your path.  The turbulent moments are when you grab onto something with all your might and resist the flow of your life path.  That is when you feel the greatest pressure and the greatest pains.

All you need to do is let go and allow the Universe to carry you to where you’re going – to carry you to yourself.

This natural movement is contained by what you know as time.  You perceive time in many ways.  As friend, as foe, as endless, as passing too quickly … as being on your side and as being against you.  There is more contradiction over time than perhaps anything else, except spirituality.  You all at one “time” or another wished you could manipulate it … you try to control it.  You often believe that you do [control it] in your appointments and deadlines and cheating it with your appearance.  You plan your everyday living by it – when you eat – when you sleep.

Time is simply a vehicle of movement in this natural Universal flow.  it is one aspect of what you struggle against when you grab on and resist the thing that is your life – the thing that is you.

Time is an old friend … it is family.  He wants for you to remember him and embrace him.  He is here as guide – as friend.  Allow him to be that friend and be a friend to him.

Time does not move in one direction.  That is what drew you to us – our multi-directional  aspects though you did not know at the “time” that this aspect was related to time.  Time is not linear or fixed as many perceive it to be.  It moves much like the rays of your Sun … spreading outwards from a single point in many directions.

Each ray has it’s journey, but it is not separated into segments the way we separate time into seconds and years.  This ray of light is just as much at the point of beginning as it is at any point along its journey.  You can’t say one segment of it is really where it is now because that segment is not separate from it’s whole.

So here we go … the challenge you are finding in writing this down comes from your perception of the separation of movement.  Time helps you to reveal it in such a way that it can take a physical form.  Really what you have here is an expression of a thought.  Time allows you to give form to that expression.

So you see Time is much more than a line moving in one direction and separated into segments.  It is a vibrant, pulsating, multi-directional energetic being.  He journeys with you in your expression of form, helping you to give form to your expression.

Time is your friend.  He is your family.  Remember him … embrace him.  Enjoy him.  See him as he sees you.

We play with time and this is expressined* in our form.  We journey with you now to explore this relationship.  We can help you to remember time … just as you remember us … as family.

Take us into your hand.  We are already in your heart.  Let’s explore Time together.  We will have fun.

There is so much more.  We will whisper it to you in the song we sing in our journey through time’s playground.


* Should have read – expressed.  I’m trusting that I should leave this “error” as is.


© Song of Stones 2008