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Butterfly Star Gate - Song of Stones

Butterfly Star Gate

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Twin Star Gates sit together at the apex of this powerful being and take form as a Butterfly. The butterfly is the perfect symbol for this crystal because she sings of Great Strength and though the butterfly is a being that we would at first relate to delicate grace, she has undergone a great transformation - a metamorphosis of her entire being. And if that did not require enough of her strength ... she needed more to emerge from the space she created for her old body - one that no longer fits her - one that can no longer contain her winged form

Like the butterfly, this crystal has a completely new form ... one which took GREAT STRENGTH to create. She is a Star Child crystal. You can see very clearly the shape of her old body - how she was shorn at an angle. With great strength and power she completely transformed her broken body and created her new form. She is an ancient being - as ancient as the Stars her butterfly shaped portal will lead you to. 

She is covered in record keepers so she has much wisdom to share.

She is approx. 3" x 1-1/2"