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Coffee Essential Oil - Song of Stones

Coffee Essential Oil

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5ml. Coffee Essential Oil (in Miron Glass Bottle when available) 

Coffee comes forward at this time as an agent to awaken.  It is an incredibly supportive energy through the transition into conscious awareness.  Coffee is known for it’s stimulating properties and it’s addictive quality.  Many can’t begin their days without it.  As an essence, I have come to see it has that same awakening quality on a spiritual level.  It is a most appropriate essence to connect with at this time of rapidly expanding awareness.

I was guided to blend together the very rich and heavenly scent of coffee with vanilla … these two along with chocolate are near the top of my list of  all time amazing EARTH OFFERINGS.  Even just saying the words coffee and vanilla evokes strong sensations in us.  Aren’t they awesome sounding words!  They impart a lucious energy as they flow smoothly across the lips.  Once I pondered the pairing of these precious oils, I realized they are perfect mates both physically and spiritually.  They come together in harmonious balance and bring out the more deeply hidden aspects of each other.  The Vanilla sweetens and smoothes the bitterness of the Coffee.  The Coffee creates a contrast to Vanilla's softness, allowing it to stand out more powerfully.  Where coffee is stimulating, Vanilla is sedative.  Coffee is a highly addictive drug and Vanilla is used as digestive tonic and sometimes as an antidote to poison. (The ancient Aztecs used vanilla as a food and medicine.)  And then there is their colour ... Coffee is dark and rich and often referred to as "black", while Vanilla is light and often referred to as "white".

Their scents by themselves are beautiful but when combined they are heavenly.
Please be aware though that to fully experience the true physical aromas and esoteric essences of these scents, either on their own or as a beautiful blend, you MUST have a truly pure, unadulterated essential oil. Unfortunately the popularity of these fragrances create high demand and because of that, much of what you find on the market is chemically enhanced or reproduced.  The true scent of vanilla is unknown to most.

My supplier has found a producer in Venezuela who is producing coffee essential oil, by dry roasting the beans and cold-pressing them to produce the oil.  It has a much deeper coffee aroma than the Brazilian variety, which is distilled from the beans.  Here's what they say about coffee:

Coffee’s greatest use I have found is to help relieve the cravings when one is first letting go of coffee.  It is great to put into an inhaler, and inhale whenever one requires a burst of energy–or a “taste” of delicious coffee.  Even though it is not exactly like drinking caffeine, the familiar aroma has an association with energy that can boost our nervous system into a feeling of refreshment and energy, just by smelling it!  It is a stimulating oil, great for staying awake, and making us alert when we are dragging.  If you get the 4 o’clock blues, try rubbing coffee essential oil on the solar plexus area, just below the heart.  Coffee helps create mental clarity and increases concentration.

Coffee can be blended with other oils, used as an internal homeopathic remedy for coffee addiction, and used for stimulating purposes.  It can stimulate skin circulation and makes a great spa treatment for cellulite skin condition. It also carries strong antioxidant properties which can relieve stress and reduce the effects of aging. Coffee is also great for  adding into colon cleansing water.  Like coffee itself, it can encourage the rhythmic contraction of colon walls, called peristalsis–helping to tone the colon and expel toxic accumulation.

DISCLAIMER:  None of these are recognized or approved by the FDA.  They are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  They have not been studied or evaluated as to the risks or effectiveness.  Please do your research before you use this or any essential oil, as some of the oils require you to take certain precautions.