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The other side of time

Speed of Light part 2

In the Speed of Light part 1, we connected with a time link crystal and spoke of the speed at which we travel through time. Now we flip the crystal and see it’s other side—one that is covered with an entourage of tiny sparklers. These barnacle crystals reveal a secret about memory.

I got a hint at this crystal’s secret at the last live Crystal Blessing Meditation. The guided journey clearly took us outside of time because our recall was uncharacteristically hazy. Even the things we discussed before the meditation were forgotten—like which crystals we had with us. Someone did recall a deeply meaningful symbol from the past that they were happy to have remembered.

The crystal and/or time was definitely playing with our memory—bringing our attention to it—and we definitely noticed. This unexpected pairing of time and memory makes so much sense because they are interdependent. Time is where memories are stored.

Memories are slippery

Memories of our life experiences and knowledge can be as slippery as our meditations and dreams. Understandably. There is only so much that we can hold in our conscious awareness. Sometimes forgetfulness is a blessing but important things can also get lost to time. Especially, the mystical things or the things that take our fears away and that help us to expand our consciousness and awaken to personal truth and inner power. The things that heal our hearts.

So how do we hold onto those things that empower us and help us to grow, that feed our souls, that remind us of how powerful and precious we are? Especially when there are other things vying for space in our thoughts—the painful, shameful, frightening things that are fed and fuelled by the information that’s coming at us from all corners. The well meaning warnings from family that set our nervous system into fear mode. The glamour posts on social media that make us feel unexciting and insignificant. The judgements and insensitive comments from not so well meaning people.

With this cacophony of noise, it’s hard to hear the loving whispers. Especially if you are a sensitive soul and you are also hearing things that don’t register as sound.

Record Keepers

Crystals can help us to remember. They themselves are record keepers and they are happy to hold information for us. They can also show you how to call up a memory. In a sense, they can act as mnemonic devices, helping you to bring to mind the things that keep you safe and sane. 

When there is something that you want to hold onto, invite in a crystal to help you to remember.

Crystal Mnemonics

Ask the crystal to store the idea and to help you to remember it. There are many ways you can do that. One example would be to say what it is you want to remember out loud several times to your crystal or write it on a piece of paper and keep that with your crystal. 

Carry that crystal with you or keep it near until you’ve integrated your idea. If you find yourself starting to forget again, bring the crystal back into your day to day to remind you. Journey with it for as long as you needa moment, a month, a year.

With a deep desire, a clear intent and consistent practice, you can lock those important words and memories into your heart.

The frequency of your memory

There are many mnemonic devices you can use to remember something important. The difference when working this way with crystal is that they emanate a very loving presence that helps quell fear and doubt when they creep back in.

When you have the right one, you will be able to feel the energy of that which you are trying to integrate. It can basically bring you into the frequency of the memory.