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The speed of light

Time has been on my mind this week. I’d been pondering the speed at which it was passing—and the striking contrast between life’s fast pace and the rhythm at which I’d been moving. My normal is slow. Lately I’ve been extra, extra slow. (You may have noticed that the Sunday Sparkle newsletters have been going out later and later...that’s why.)

We’re living in a fast paced era. Everything is moving quickly: technological developments; scientific breakthroughs; advancements in medicine. The only thing that seems to have slowed down—maybe even gone backwards—is human social and political behaviour.

Time Links

With time on my mind, it did not surprise me that that I was led to a beautiful Arkansas Time Link Crystal. Time link crystals have a 7th facet in the form of a parallelogram adjacent to one of the faces of the crystal. Used in light work as bridges that the soul can travel upon in order to consciously connect with aspects of the self existing in other times and places (Katrina Raphael).

So why was this sparkly being showing up now? Did this crystal begin singing in response to my thoughts of time or was I was thinking of time as a reaction to the crystal singing?

Was it here to offer some wisdom or insight into my pondering of time? If I’m honest maybe it’s been more of a fight than a contemplation. It’s funny really that humans think they can outwit, outrun and even control this thing we call time.

Getting Ahead of time

I’ve been trying to do what we call “getting ahead” of time by planning my posts in advance so that I’m not rushed and stressed when I near the last hour on the day I publish them—every Sunday along with the Sunday Sparkle Newsletters. So of course, they MUST go out on Sunday. Perhaps that name was not such a great idea, though it has kept me on course during those times where I could easily have strayed.

The answer came while I was struggling to record this week’s YouTube video. They usually flow out quite effortlessly. After the year that I was inspired to record daily unscripted and unedited Crystal Blessing videos, I learned how to trust in the flow and I became somewhat immune to the criticisms of my mind. Now, once I have a crystal in my hand, it’s rare that I have any trouble finding things to talk about.

But not this week. With the time link crystal in my hand, I found myself hesitating and fumbling with my words. I stopped and started so many times, I was ready to give up. Perhaps it was just not the “time” to make that video.

Crystal Magic

I would give it one more try and then surrender. I found myself laughing out loud in the middle of the recording as I realized that what was happening was crystal magic at its best. There I was talking about the stress and overwhelm of trying to keep a pace that matches up with everyone else and I was doing that very thing—feeling the pressure to try to speak at a pace that will keep people interested and engaged in what I was saying.

I’m usually pretty patient with myself if I move a little slowly or if I stumble with my words a little. I wasn’t this time. That was part of the crystal magic. That was the essence of the energy and wisdom being shared. Once I realized that, I instantly relaxed into my own speed and that’s when my words flowed more freely and easily.

This is my favourite thing about crystal magic—how brilliantly and beautifully they reflect what we most need to see. I was shown how to slow down or speed up (depending on the day) so that I would be in time with myself.

Catching up with ourself

The speed at which we go through life is not what is important. Catching up or slowing down into our selves so that we can experience our existence in our own time and in our own way is what matters.

Then life will never feel overwhelming to us or boring for that matter—if things are going to slow. And that is such a powerful understanding.

The beauty of this is that we don’t have to struggle to maintain this speed. If we are feeling any resistance, we know we are not there. All that is needed is for us to let go. To just stop pushing or pulling. It sounds easy. It should be easy. But the thing is, we’re constantly comparing the pace at which others are moving and trying to match their speed. We want to catch up to them—to life according to the “in crowd”. A shift in focus can bring us back into ourselves and into our natural rhythm.

Speed of light

The crystals can help us with that. However, just as we can’t rush (or slow down) the pace of our own life’s journey, neither can we rush (or slow down) an experience with a crystal. The “speed of light” time link crystal. It took several days to make the connection between the thoughts of time and the time link crystal. And it took several “failed” recordings before the aha moment. There are times though when simply touching a stone can cause an immediate physical reaction or sensation that leaves us with no doubt of the crystal’s power.

If you are looking to explore time with a crystalline guide, time link crystals are wonderful ones to reach out to. I find that when there is a need for them, they show up. Sometimes in large numbers, like the Tangerine Time Totems.

Another crystal to journey with is Copal. It is Song of Stones’s “crystal of the year”. I am continually surprised by how in sync it is with so much of what we’ve been talking about this year so far. Seeing frozen movement in the swirls you will instantly understand why I’m suggesting Copal. Then when you see different life forms trapped into timelessness, that understanding deepens.