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Sweeping away the Sadness – Angelic Deja Vu

A Deja Vu

I had a deja vu experience. People get deja vu events often. But this was different. Last month, at around the time I was preparing to send our my monthly blog, I had an unusual visitor. A lost dog somehow got into my fenced and gated back yard. I was made aware of this visitor by a stranger who came to my door expressing worry over this lost pup. By the time I got around to the back door – which meant going through the crystal room – the dog was gone. I was not as worried as the stranger.  I sensed he was not really lost and that he would find his way home. But now that I was in the crystal room there was another distraction. The stones were singing and before I knew it I was moving things around, as guided, and a tray of crystals crashed to the floor – they were Angel crystals. This event sparked last month’s blog “For Those in need of Angelic Support“, which I invite you to read about.

Then yesterday I went into the Crystal Room for something––I try not to go in there unless I have time because the crystals can be very distracting––they start singing and I start dancing and before you know it hours have passed and I’ve forgotten why I went in there.  Now about the deja vu experience …  if you remember, the door to the garden is through the crystal room and while I was there, I saw a stray dog in my backyard.  Sound familiar?  And I think he was the same dog from last month!  But then came another distraction. The stones were singing.  They were having me move them again.  I got quite lost in this dance, until I was “jarred” out of my trance as one of the jars filled with crystals, dropped out of my hands and broke.

Another Angelic Visit

There was no mistaking the mirroring of last month’s event when I dropped a tray of ANGEL CRYSTALS – right after this stray dog visited.  This time the crystals that dropped were Kunzite … another angelic crystal!!!!

Once I managed to close my mouth which I realized was open in amazement of this twilight zone like experience, I snapped into action. I picked up EACH little tiny crystal and there were a lot – being careful not to get ANY of the glass pieces.  These Kunzite crystals looked a little like tiny shards of glass themselves except they’re pink.  I got them all and put them in a new jar and wasn’t even allowed time to pause and allow myself to experience the awe of what just happened because the crystals were moving me again.

Talk about your DEJA VU … except it’s not really a deja vu – because it’s not really a SENSE that I’ve done something before … I actually did this before – exactly a month ago.  Maybe I should call it “deja deja vu vu” or “de ja ja vu”!

Empathic Sadness

I was inspired to take a peek at the Angel crystals that fell last month and one of them captured my attention.  It was one which shared a song about sadness.   How apropos as I’d been feeling a sadness lately. It came after a recent shift, and so it was expected. I have come to notice there is a “down” time after each shift/change/transformation in my life. The sadness is part of the process and I’ve become aware of it. I almost said I’m accustomed to it – but I’m not. Each time I have to remember that it’s a temporary period that will pass.  This time felt a little different though. My sense was that this is a sadness that other empaths and intuitives are picking up on right now. It felt like a global thing. Whether it was due to the earth shifts or planetary alignments or something else, I don’t know. I only know that it felt “bigger” than me. I felt as if the crashing glass, shattered that pattern of sadness and then the sweeping up of the pieces was symbolic of sweeping the sadness away.

Of course it makes sense to me now why I’ve been gathering HEART crystals together in a stone bowl. Each crystal and stone has a heart connection and most are heart shaped! It’s as if they were coming in preparation of something … standing ready to offer their heart centred support.  Perhaps that’s what the sadness was … a universal clearing of an ancient pattern of sadness that is being swept out of our hearts to make room for the joy and wonders of this expanding feminine energy.