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I am EVER amazed at the power of the consciousness of the Universe and it’s ability to communicate with us … even in those times where we can’t see what is right in front of our eyes!

I began the day feeling a little off and in need of some rest and decided I would honour my body and take it easy.  I proclaimed that I would be happy if I only get one thing done and that was this month’s blog.  No matter how often I try to prepare them in advance, I somehow end up writing them fresh each month.  They just can’t be controlled.  They come as they will – at the exact moment that they will.  I know it’s strange speaking about a writing as if it is in charge and not me – but that IS how it is – for me.

I tried to think of a topic for this month, but the control thing – it just never works.  You’d think I’d get it by now.  I gave up and let go and decided to lay down and rest.  Just as I was getting comfortable, I was interrupted by a knock on the door.  It was a very unusual visit.  A woman and her daughter had followed a dog into my backyard.  They believed he was lost and wanted to help get him back home.  They told me they tried getting close to see the tags but the dog was frightened and ran off into my back yard.  I came outside and peeked through the fence and there was this cute thing running around my back yard.  Very sweet.  He didn’t look so scared to me in the moment.  I thought I’d give a go to coaxing his return address from him.  I wasn’t tall enough to reach around and unlatch the door, so I went through the house.  By the time I got there he was gone.  My sense was he would find his way home.  Dogs are very clever.

I stayed by the window on the inside of the house for a few minutes just in case he was hiding somewhere I couldn’t see him.  My garden hasn’t been touched since the winter and there were lots of overgrown spots where he could hide.  He was gone.  But now I had a different distraction.  The room with the door to the garden was the room I keep the stones.  I did not plan on spending time there today – even though there was lots to do – the crystals have been reorganizing themselves.  They are also quite clever.  They’ve been showing me ways of keeping them where they would be easier to find and save me lots of space – which I needed for MORE crystals : )

Despite my “plans”, I followed guidance and dove into the reorganization.  A group of crystals caught my eye … they were raw Metamorphosis Quartz crystals with Angelic presence.  It couldn’t be a coincidence that just last night, a neighbour and I were discussing whether there was a higher consciousness and whether angels and other such divine intervention was real.  I admired these beauties and then placed them down and continued on with my task.  Well when the crystals want attention they do find a way to get it.  The box that they were in toppled to the floor and the crystals spilled out.  Now I was listening!  I gathered them up, surprised that they were fine except for a couple of small chips that came away without any apparent affect to the appearance of the crystals.  I immediately sensed that those chips would be given away as a gift crystals.

So were the Angels orchestrating this.  Was this the reason that clever dog got the attention of these passers by, so that they would knock on my door so that I would make my way down to the crystal room so that I would be led to find the Angel crystals …

Perhaps so … because they (the Angels) have a message …

They want us to know that they are present.  That they hear us.  They hear our calls and know our desires and shelter us with love.  They are not just here for those who believe in them or for certain lucky/gifted/entitled ones.  They are here for ALL of US.  Do you hear that.  They are here for you.  They are with you right now.  It’s up to you to trust the signs and hear their messages.  These crystals can help with that.  They are a bridge of sorts to Angelic presence.  That’s why you see them in the crystals.  It’s their way of saying …

“WE ARE HERE.  It’s true … we do exist. But you don’t even have to believe.  We are with you.  We are supporting you and we are loving you no matter what.  No matter who you are.  No matter where you are.  No matter what.  If you want to KNOW FOR SURE we are here … you need only be open to receiving our messages.  They come in many ways.  It may be through another.  It may be through a book, a show, a cup of tea, a word or number you see/hear over and over again.  It may be through a sweet dog and a stranger passing by.    If you want to hear us, you will.  We are also very clever in the way we speak to you.”

Now … I can sleep : )

NOTE:    I realized this was not the only message I received from the Angels.  I had a fall recently (on Mother’s day) that felt so much like an Angel falling to earth.  I know how it sounds but that’s what I sensed and felt and so I’m being true and honest as I describe it.  I had no plans to share it but the message is that others have fallen this month too and have had a similar sensation whether they recognized it as such at the time or not.  And when I say fallen … I’m speaking of a physical fall with bumps and bruises.  I share this in case it means anything to you. The message I’m getting is that it’s a definite Angelic connection.  If you have had a similar experience and wish to discuss this further, share your comments below or feel free to contact me through the website.

ADDITIONAL NOTE:  The number 44 has been showing up here for some time … I think from around the time I began making the Star Songs.  I have always felt it to be an Angelic number – the angels making their presence known.  Here’s just how clever they are in their messages … this Blog entry was the 44th one!