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Stone Soup

There is an old fable about a traveller who stopped at a small town hoping to find some food and shelter. The people of the town had barely enough to get by and told him they didn’t have much to offer. The traveller said that he didn’t need much because he had a magic stone that made the most delicious soup—just a pot and some water was all he needed.

If you don’t know the story, this magnetic stranger charmed the townspeople into sharing just a little bit of their food to make the already delicious soup just a little bit better—a few carrots, some potatoes, some cabbage and other such small offerings. By the time it was done the villagers, who on their own had little, now all enjoyed a magnificent bounty of the most delicious soup any of them had ever tasted.

Let's make our own

Sharing this story with you has inspired me to gather our community to make our own stone soup. Each person will add their crystal’s energy and their own to create a potent magical elixir that will heal and nourish each one.

This inspiration came to me while I was typing this post, so it’s fresh and undeveloped. I’ll send details of the when and the how in an upcoming Sunday Sparkle newsletter. Sign up now if you want to be a part of this community co-creation.

Stone Soup for 1

In the meantime, you can make your own stone soup—also known as crystal Elixirs or crystal essences.

Place a crystal, or 2 or a circle of crystals beside a clear glass vessel (a bottle or a glass) filled with high quality water and allow it to absorb the crystal energies. The elixir can be placed by a window to be energized by sunlight or moonlight. You can choose to co-create your elixir under the energies of a full or new moon or during special planetary alignments, like solstice, a even a special birthday.

Some people place their crystals inside the water. It’s really not necessary. Crystal energy is readily absorbed by water. The stones don’t need to be inside the water.

However, some crystals are toxic to ingest, so if you’re placing them directly in the water, make sure that you do some research first.

Star Songs

There are many ways to create crystal elixirs. I call my special blend of energies, Star Songs. Angels are always present when they are being co-created. The Star Songs heal in innumerable ways.

They clear old toxic patterns through a gentle awakening to your origin and purpose. They also reach deep into our essence and spark powerful soul level transformations. I drink them on a regular basis—they nourish and keep me feeling well. I apply them to my body when I need focussed energy, like when I am exposed to toxic chemicals or when a migraine comes on, they instantly ease the pain.

Members of my crystal community have shared many stories of their experience with the Star Songs...

Hi Smadar, ... the experiences i have had, and are still having are – actually I’m trying to find words but i can’t. Never have i had so much come up at once, realisations, now it all makes sense, wow why did i not know that before moments, emotions that i have pushed down for so long and have not allowed myself to feel are all coming up. The wonderful thing about it is that, it’s OK, everything is great. …… Much love, light and blessings—Jan from New Zealand

I am so grateful for receiving my Star Song from Smadar. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it came at just the right time. In the weeks that I received my Star Song, all kinds of wonderful shifts happened in my life. I cut my hair, which had been long for 20 years. I changed the direction and focus of my business in a way that felt really aligned with me. I faced and worked through some of my deepest fears and I brought several potential romantic partners into my life.—Maria from Toronto, Canada

Crystal Waters

I invite you to play with making crystal waters. You might be surprised at what happens. Get in touch if you would like to experience a Star Song.

I have in the past co-create Star Songs for groups and I will be offering that again for a short time with crystals which have been hi-lighted in recent posts. This will also be announced in upcoming Sunday Sparkle Newsletters.