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Running from Angels

A beautiful family of Mochi Balls and a crystal of Quartz and Yellow Mica came to visit me in my dreams. One of them shared wisdom of playfulness and of value (and of the value of playfulness). The other gave us a message about the energy of 2021.

This next song came through at the same time, though it does have quite a different vibe. I'm sure that the connection between both parts will reveal itself. This one feels like a message from the combined energy of both the Mochis and the Quartz with Yellow Mica. It is ... Part 2 of The Energy of 2021"

Before receiving this message, I was feeling quite scattered. I realized as it began to come through that the sensations were part of the message.

A Song for the Human Soul

There is a scattered energy — an angst — an unfocussed anxiousness — in the human soul — the collective consciousness.

You have buried yourselves in so many distractions that you have lost sight of your direction. It is like swimming underwater in the dark. There is no sense of which way is the way to breach the surface and finally breathe in life. Except you don’t even realize you’ve been holding your breath.

You are so deep in an existence that is unnatural to you that you have forgotten the life you’ve abandoned. The irony is, that it is you who feel abandoned.

You might not realize that this is the source of your scattered anxiousness. You’ve adapted well to this way of existence. You are surviving quite nicely but you are not living your true life in your natural habitat.

Stirring up the Truth

Right now you are wandering in a maze, not realizing that you are lost. You feel the sense of not having direction without understanding why. Enough of you are awakening to the true identity of humanity — that of beings of light temporarily living in human form — that it is stirring up the truth in everyone else.

Shattering old beliefs takes strength and courage. It is not easy to wake up and realize that your life was a dream. So yes, there is bound to be resistance. The resistance manifests through all the distractions you’ve buried yourself in. But because at some level you do know the truth, you feel a sense of being lost.

Running from Angels

There is a continuous, constant, underlying anxiety which sends you deeper into distractions and at the same time, deeper into fear and despair. What you believe is the solution to your pain actually creates more pain.

The only way out is to open your eyes and see that the monster you’re running away from is actually the angel who has come to free you.

It is truth.