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Practical Magic

There is purpose when a crystal begins singing and when our spirit guides announce their presence. Sometimes the two are not mutually exclusive. That was the case with a beautiful Pink Himalayan Quartz crystal with a Whale form.

There was a lot that was special about this crystal but her whale energy stood out above all else. She emanated an energy of peace and protection that was reminiscent of the gentle giant of the sea. This magnificent being shared a crystal blessing with us during a time of great stress and anxiety.


During the energies of the month’s new moon, she whispered a Crystal Moon message that was in harmony with the 2021’s energy of creativity and then she shared another crystal blessing as a gift of peace to someone who was feeling a tremendous sadness.


She was inspiration to take my community through a real time connection with this crystal so they could see the simplicity of attuning to the energy of a crystal. While the whale shape was the most prominent and immediate characteristic of the crystal, when you look deeper you see so much more.


When you become present and look at the crystal with a natural curiosity, you begin to notice other aspects of this beautiful being. You see the Lemurian lines. Then you notice the patterns in the way the crystal grew—the reflection of the shape of the baby crystals in the larger crystals and the way they grew in threes. You see the fiery faery and then beneath her the manifestation crystal that had been hiding from your view.

It was an exercise in how to bond with a crystal. This is how you create a connection that allows you to begin to feel the energy of this magical being in your body. It is the difference between using your crystal as a tool of light and tuning into, and possibly activating, a frequency you’d been unaware you had access to. And this happens through the simple act of being present and listening.

Practical Magic

This Pink Whale Crystal also helped me a very practical personal matter. I have a bunch of vitamins I need to take on a daily basis and I had been having a challenge time swallowing them. They literally get stuck in my throat. It is, of course, not a major life struggle, but I didn’t realize how much it was affecting me. I would sometimes skip taking them, or not take as many as I really needed. These natural supplements were helping me with a health issue (Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis) and they were important to my physical well being. My resistance to taking them was then making it harder for me to swallow them down.

This was not something I had ever considered calling in crystals to help me with. I didn’t even realize how much of a problem this was for me. The Universe knew. The crystal knew. She inspired me to connect with her energy—with the medicine of whale—to make it easier to open up my throat while I was swallowing the supplements.

It made complete sense once I paused to think about it. Large Whales can swallow up to 500 kilograms of krill in a single gulp. A few capsules are nothing. Since Connecting to whale energy, taking my supplements have been less painful and I’ve been more open to the exercise. It did not happen over night and I’m still working with this energy, but it has helped significantly and it continues to get easier.

Lending their Power

The peaceful energy of this pink himalayan crystal helped me again when I had to get a blood test done. Unlike the supplement swallowing, this is an issue I’m very aware of. I have lost consciousness in the past when the technician shifted the needle inside me so I do get nervous at the anticipation of this invasive procedure. Plus, as a super sensitive soul with chemical sensitivities, when getting a blood test I am exposed to the perfumes, cleaners, and other lab chemicals. Now, during the global pandemic, there are the extra chemicals being used to avoid spreading the virus as well as those in the masks themselves that are continuously off-gassing.

I do always wear my Noble Shungite pendant and that helps a lot. This time I had the added protection of the Pink Whale. I didn’t take her with me but I did feel her presence. Twice I felt myself overwhelmed by the the chemicals and came near to passing out. Each time, I connected to the pink crystal and I was able to calm my stress and regulate my breath.

Remember to connect

I’m telling you about my experiences for a couple reasons. One is so that you can know the many ways in which one single crystal can offer their healing energies. The second is so that you can remember to connect with crystal energy when you are feeling challenged by everyday stresses.

I invite you to let go of any attachments to what the metaphysical guide books say about your crystal and allow the crystal to be your guide. It is not because the information is inaccurate. It is just that your crystal can help you with far more than what can be contained within the pages of a book. If you’re not open to that, you might miss out on some important medicine and magic.