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Noble Shungite Pendants - Song of Stones

Noble Shungite Pendants

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Raw Noble Crystal Shungite pendants set in sterling silver.

Shungite (or Shungit) is a rare, ancient stone, named for the only place in the world where it can be found - Shun'ga, Karelia, in the northern region of Russia.  It is a non-crystalline metamorphic rock containing a very unique form of Carbon - the Fullerene or Buckyball.  True authentic Shungite has a very special quality.  It is a conductor of electricity.

A new type of Shungite (Shungit) has recently been made available !!!  It's called Noble Shungite or Crystal Shungite or Silver Shungite.  The Crystal Shungite is more lustrous in appearance than regular Shungite.  It shiny and silvery.  It almost looks metallic.  The difference runs deeper than mere appearance.  While regular Shungite contains approx. 30% carbon, Noble Crystal Shungite has a much higher carbon content, ranging from 70% to 94% and a higher fullerene content.  Noble Crystal shungite is a very rare and highly coverted type of Shugite. 

Shungite is said to be helpful in protecting us from undesirable emfs emitted from the technology we are surrounded with in our daily lives - like cell phones, computers, tv, microwave, etc.  The way I see it ... this stone being shares it's natural filtering property in such an open way as to remind us how to to filter any undesirable energies ourselves.  It reminds us that we can do it too : )

As you can see from the pictures, each pendant is unique.  I will listen for the one that is for you.