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Love them anyway

Sometimes people are mean. They do crappy things. They let you down. They betray your trust. They leave you in the dust. They hurt you. Sometimes it’s intentional but most of the time “they know not what they do”. It’s human nature. Sometimes people are mean.

Love them anyway.

Love them anyway.

Love them anyway.

Said three times in anticipation of the “buts”that will arise upon hearing this.

But...why should I give my heart to someone who has hurt me?

But...doesn’t my love mean acceptance of their actions? can I love through the pain?


So why should I give my heart to someone who has hurt me…

When you love someone, you are not giving away your heart, you are growing it. Anytime you feel love for another—regardless of the circumstances—you expand your capacity to give and receive love. Besides, love feels so much better than hate in the body. One nourishes and empowers while the other harms and even destroys. So feeling the love for someone who has hurt you can actually heal the hurt. You are not giving away your heart you are healing it.

So doesn’t my love mean acceptance of their actions…

Loving someone who wronged you, does not condone their actions. Actually, reflecting their behaviour and taking revenge is what sends the message that what they did is ok. It’s what they expect and it helps them to feel justified in their behaviour. While a loving response will organically highlight the offence and may even prompt a realization about the impact of their behaviour.

The trickiest but

The last “but” is the trickiest…how can I love through the pain?

Because love is the one thing that can end the pain.

The more love we feel in our hearts, the less pain we experience. However, the more pain we experience in our lives, the less loved and loveable we feel.

So how do we get out of this endless loop?

Awareness is a big part of it. Simply knowing that love is the answer can bring ease to the heart. Find ways to remember this powerful energy that is always available to you. The more often you tune into the heart, the less time you’ll spend spiralling in and out of pain.

Surrounding yourself with love energy can help break you free. Choose loving thoughts—even loving and accepting the mean things that may slip out from time to time. It’s an exercise in being able to love others when they act unkindly.

Consciously choose to spend more time with people who are loving towards themselves and others. That energy you will rub off on you. Being with the love vibration naturally lifts you up into it. It is similar to how a a mother’s natural, calm breathing can help calm and regulate her babies breath when they are distressed. She doesn’t have to do anything but breathe naturally and baby’s heart will come into sync with hers.

Crystal love

Crystals can do this for us. Love is their natural frequency. You can’t help but tune into this love song when you are around them.

Feeling love from the crystals is instant but it does take time to stay in that frequency consistently. Don’t give up after one meditation with a crystal. Keep with it. Eventually, you will start to feel the power of love more often in your life.

Meanwhile, remember that when people are being human—that includes you—love them anyway.


If you need help finding crystals for the heart, check out the last light log, Crystal Love Power.