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What are the best crystals for the heart?

Holiday celebrations tend to bring out an array of emotions – that is especially true for this month’s heart day.

Some of these feelings are:

  • The hopefulness of deepening personal bonds;
  • The excitement and anticipation of delicious food and lightened moods;
  • The pleasure and surprise of giving and receiving gifts wrapped in pretty packages.

But there is another side to holidays. The expectation can lead to disappointment. Sometimes bonding with loved ones can become messy and ugly. And there are times that the pressure and expense of gift giving can bring us stress and anxiety.

February’s love holiday can leave some of us feeling alone – even if we are not single. The heart can ride these roller coaster emotions many times in a single day leaving us drained and tense. How can we help our heart to transition from these ups and downs and how can we let ourselves feel the joys that come without the fear and dread of the inevitable downs? How can we have a smoother ride?

heart crystals

What Crystals can help heal the heart?

Bring in a little crystal love to help ease the turmoil of the constant twists and turns in the journey of the heart. But which crystals are best for healing the heart? We tend to reach for Rose Quart’s loving pink tone for matters of love. But did you know Celestite’s cool blue can sing softness into our hearts? We all know that green is the colour of the heart chakra but a lavender stone can just as easily open our 4th centre. When choosing crystals for your heart … let your heart choose. In other words trust your intuition to know which stone you need in the moment – even if it is not a “known” heart stone. The crystal that is most beautiful to you in the moment will be the one that you need most. You can always reach out to us to help you find the perfect stone. We will listen to the crystals and your spirit for the one who is singing for you.

A trio of heart stones were singing to me today in support of those of us whose hearts are needing a respite. There is a Chrome Diopside crystal, a Colour changing Fluorite Crystal that shows a mix of violet and blue and in the centre … of course a gemmy chunk of Rose Quartz. I’ll be co-creating a Star Song with those crystals on the 25th and you are welcome to join our circle.

unconditional love card

I was drawn to pull a card for us from Froud’s Faerie Oracle too and I got 25 – “The Hero” which is about unconditional love. This is quite the perfect card for a heart in need of some rescuing. The card asks us to look at love itself as a heroic force. If we can do that we will be re-energized by the strength of unconditional love.

Here’s a close up of the 25th card in Froud’s Faerie Oracle Guide book if you want to read the message:

the hero is about unconditional love

As an extra sweet lift for your heart I’m sending you a great big hug to you from me and the Song of Stones crystals. Can you feel the love?