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Feeling Crystal Energy

It was a crystal who taught me how to feel energy through my hands?

Early in my discovery of the stone beings, I had an experience with a particular crystal that I would never forget. It happened when my supplier introduced me to Growth Interference Crystals from Russia. He said that this crystal changed his life. It helped him to understand his spiritual destiny in such a way that he knew exactly what to do and was not afraid to do it.

My own personal experience was just as profound. After carrying and meditating with this crystal for a few days, I began to experience physical sensations whenever I picked up the crystal. At first I thought that this particular crystal was so powerful that I could physically feel it vibrating, but as I started picking up other stones, I felt their energetic vibrations too. When I noticed the same sensations in other things like pieces of fruit, I began to understand what had happened. It became clear that my Shift crystal had awakened my ability to sense subtle energy vibrations.

Awakening a new Sense

This was the very first time I was able to feel energy. It was life changing. I had heard energy workers speaking about this ability and though I believed what they were saying to me I couldn’t really fully understand until I had the experience myself. My supplier was so right. Even with his warning to be ready for change, I was not prepared for this profound shift. It not only changed my relationship with the stone beings but it also opened me up to working with energy in very tactile ways.

Since then I’ve experienced the subtle energy of this Universe in many ways. I learned how to use this energy to spark healings in myself and others. It was an important part of my journey into understanding the mysteries of the Universe and is one that is still continuing. It includes the exploration of water alchemy which resulted in the co-creation of Star Songs and most recently the ORB technique which has been helpful in instantly easing people's pain. (I will talk more about the Star Songs and the ORB in another blog post).

Exploring Universal Mysteries with Crystals

The Shift crystal was one of many crystalline ones who came forward as guides on my journey into mysticism, exploring the subtle energies of the Universe, and in understanding what healing is. The Stone Beings have much wisdom to share and much magic to teach. They have been on this planet for ages. They were here long before humans arrived.

I have heard the song of stones and those messages alone have been profoundly transformational. I believe that the reason I experience the magic of the crystals in the way that I do is because I see them as conscious beings. Our perception of something or someone does really change our experience with them. That’s not to say you will not benefit from the energy of the crystals whatever your mindset. You can feel their power and presence either way.

The source of the Magic

You can experience the grounding energy and healing vibrations of crystals by their mere presence, despite any beliefs you may hold about them. And you can have a magical encounter with a crystal even if you don’t know them to be magical. You just might not realize the crystal was the catalyst for your experience.

We can look at my experience with the Shift Crystal as an example. If I had not been open to receiving a gift from this crystal and I had not been present and aware during my experience, I might not have known that this crystal sparked the awakening of this new way of sensing energy. That doesn’t mean I would have missed out on having this ability. I just might not have realized that it was this particular crystal that showed me how to do it.

When you work with the crystals purposefully and intentionally it definitely heightens your awareness and makes you more open to the subtle orchestrations of life. I have seen that conscious creation in and of itself will amplify your results. But, when you have the right crystal, one who is singing for you and has come forward with the same purpose as you –– A Soul Journey Stone –– what happens is nothing short of magical. I witnessed this with the Shift crystal who taught me how to feel energy and with many other crystals over the course of my life.

When Crystals sing Together

Sometimes more than one crystal comes forward to guide a soul. Sometimes a circle of crystals begin singing in harmony. Most recently, I experienced the magic of a stone circle through my journey of "Materializing Money with Crystals". I spent a good part of a year connecting with the crystals who came forward as guides for that journey. They helped me to change my relationship with money, beginning with showing me how I see my own value. I got a taste of that years ago with Ruby and her “From Rags to Riches” song. Of course Ruby is one of the stone guides from the Materializing Money journey. Every one of the crystals who were part of this circle shared something profound and practical about money magic. With each message I went deeper into understanding my relationship with money and each aha moment worked at dissolving my fears and misconceptions about money and my own value.

Journeying with crystals in this deep, explorative way, leads to shifts that can turn our life upside down and, as my supplier discovered, understand our destiny and know the exact steps to take towards it - WITHOUT FEAR. That's what I discovered through my most recent journey.