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From Rags to Riches Ruby Star Song

This Rags to Riches Ruby Star Song is a co-creation of pure sparkling spring water, encircled by 12 singing Record Keeper Ruby Crystals, and energetically transformed into a mysterious elixir.

The paradigm of worth/value in our universe is about to shift. Before it does, the Universe requires us to experience the full spectrum of the effects of our monetary (value) system. Many of us at this time are experiencing fear around money, be it feelings of lack or fear of losing what we have. And it doesn’t matter what our financial status or social position may be, the experience of debt and feelings of lack or fear can visit any of us, no matter the outer appearance. I asked for a crystal to step forward to offer support in this time of transition and Ruby began to sing. How perfect. A stone of the Royals has come forth with a gift. As we shift into a new perspective of value, Ruby offers to teach us about worth. Ruby’s medicine is in great need in our time and she offers it freely and openly. As part of her gift, an Elixir was to be co-created with the 12 Ruby Crystals who volunteered to bring forth the song.

Ruby also shared her song of awakening to and transforming through this Universal paradigm shift around value/worth/money. I have recorded that song and it is available in the Song of Stones Lightbrary as the “From Rags to Riches ebook“.