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Emotional Support Crystals

We are living in a time of great stress. And while that may not be different than living in any other time period in our history, a recent worldwide poll showed that people are feeling the effects more now than ever before. That number has been growing over the last decade (even before the pandemic).

There’s also been a growing number of resources (“tools”) to help us deal with the overwhelming stresses of living in this age of constant news, ads, texts, and scrolling on social. We’re always connected to everything and everyone, yet we feel lonelier than ever.

A new way

There are many very helpful things that we can do to ease our fears and soothe our anxieties. Being around the stone beings is one of my favourite ways to shift into peacefulness. Very recently the crystals have been teaching me a very simple and easy way of connecting with them to ease anxiety in specific stressful situations, like going to the doctor, travelling, public speaking, etc.and I want to share that with you.

When the Crystal Medic (see last month’s post) started singing, I had no idea, that it was going to be teaching me how to manage stress. I was guided to carry it with me to all my medical appointments and hospital visits. Holding it in my hand or carrying it on my body, it helped me to drop down into a state of calm, and with each visit, I was able to get there more quickly and stay in that state longer. While I was co-regulating with the crystal, it was also showing me how to generate that frequency in myself.

While I was decompressing, I was learning. That is the magic of the stone beings.

Sharing the blessing

Even though the experience with the Crystal Medic was personal, it felt very much like a blessing that I was meant to share. Its gift inspired me to bring awareness to this way of connecting with the stone beings—as a source of emotional support.

How to find your emotional support crystal.

You may already have one—or several. It will be the one(s) you always tend to reach for when you are feeling a little sad or scared or even times when you’re not quite sure how you’re feeling but somehow holding the stone(s) instantly makes you feel better.

Choose it

If you don’t already have one, choose a crystal or allow a crystal to choose you (you can always ask me to listen for one for you). It will likely be one which you find incredibly attractive or extremely repulsive. Sometimes the repulsion is a resistance to the gift of transformation (which means change) that is about to come. Or it could be that the stone is already opening you up to releasing stagnant or toxic energy and you’re feeling the discomfort of that release.

Carry it

Once you have found your emotional support stone, keep it near or carry it with you to places or during situations where you feel stressed, anxious or panicky. You may want to keep it in your hand, especially at first. Direct contact can facilitate and more immediate connection and a quicker de-escalation of a reaction. When it’s no longer necessary to hold it, there will be a natural, organic, shift. You may forget to pick it up and realize, you’re perfectly fine. Or you just might sense that you no longer need to hold it.

The effects

The effects of this relationship with your emotional support stone are progressive and cumulative. You will find yourself dropping into a relaxed state more easily and more quickly as the connection deepens. Eventually the power of the shift into peacefulness will come directly from you and you will no longer “need” to have the crystal with you. You may choose to, but you will no longer need to.

Sometimes you need more help

Crystals can be powerfully transformative, but if you are feeling depressed or are having self destructive thoughts, please reach out to someone you trust or call a help line in your city.