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Crystal Medic

Does a crystal lose its power if it’s been exposed to negative energy? Does it need to be cleared, cleansed and recharged? (Cleansing, clearing and recharging crystals is a whole topic in and of itself, which is for another discussion.)

Are used crystals as potent as crystals which have not been handled?

That is the question that arose when a special stone being started singing to me. I was preparing to go to an appointment for a bone density scan and a very specific tumbled Shungite palm stone was asking to come along.

I have 3 beautiful personal Shungite tumbles and I had planned on taking one of those with me. It was surprising when, at the last minute, I was guided to take a new one—one from the shoppe. There was a little resistance at first, but I trusted that there was purpose to this. I picked up the new stone and headed to my appointment.

Healer, Teacher

Holding her during the test was soothing and grounding. I was feeling present enough to begin to hear her song. The message I was picking up on was that while the crystal was undergoing the scan with me, it was gaining experience. Experience that would make this stone a wonderful healer and teacher.

What came through quite clearly was that each time the she was taken along to an appointment, the stone would become more adept at fine tuning her frequency to balance out any toxic energy. So I took the Crystal Medic—that’s what I came to call this carry stone—with me for a blood test. It came along to the hospital when I visited someone in hospice care. I reached for it when I went for my doctors appointment and to see the dentist.

Energetic Pollution

I noticed that each time I took the crystal with me, I felt just a little more at ease, a little less stressed and less reactive. Being a sensitive soul, I pick up on dissonant energies and my body reacts to chemical pollution as well as unhealthy energetic spaces. Carrying my Shungite Medic in toxic environments made it much easier.

It would have made perfect sense to cleanse the crystal after each of these appointments. Those environments were saturated with fear, anxiety and stress—on a daily basis. The crystals, like us, pick up on and hold energy and we all need a good energy cleanse sometimes. However, from what I witnessed, the Shungite medic became more powerful, more helpful, more soothing and healing each time she was taken along to a medical appointment.

A good reminder

It is a great reminder to trust yourself when you are feeling inspired to reach out for a crystal, even when it is not your go to crystal and even when it doesn’t really make sense to do so.

You never know what magic will happen.

Besides the realizations I already told you about, I had another aha moment while dancing with this lovely stone. It opened me up to a new way of connecting with the crystals. One I will share with you in a coming Sunday Sparkle. You are invited to join in.