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Don’t Try to Squeeze Blood from a Stone


Yeah … yeah … we know!  A stone can’t bleed.  We can’t expect that from it, that which is beyond its nature – beyond what it is.  We wouldn’t expect a computer programmer to perform open heart surgery.  We wouldn’t expect water to taste like coffee.  Though sometimes coffee can taste somewhat like water :  )

Yes … makes sense … we all agree.  But what we agree that we can’t do IS the very thing we often try to do.  Now hold on.  Wait a minute.  Allow me to explain.  How exactly do we try to squeeze blood from a stone?

Here’s one way:  We look up information on a stone in a metaphysical book.  We get the stone, expecting it will have all those qualities, and we end up being disappointed either with the stone – or with ourselves for not being able to evoke or activate this stone’s energetic qualities.  Then we may even go out and try it again … and again.

[The next part came from a deep listening … it is a “song”]  To find out more about what a song is, visit the “listening to the stones” section of the Song of Stones website.

Each stone being as each human being as each and every single member of other kingdoms are unique.  They may be a part of a larger family of beings, but each are unique in and of themselves.  They may even appear identical in form and substance, but they are not.  There is NO THING – NO BEING – SO SPACE that is identical – because then that would mean there is truly separation.  Having a copy of something is not creation – it is duality.

You are not all the same but you are all one. You all come from one Source and you all have the potential to be anything you desire but you all CHOOSE to express yourselves in your own unique way.

If you expect that one human being will be like another or one cat like another, or one fruit like another OR ONE STONE LIKE ANOTHER … then you will be missing the gift they have to offer … because your focus is on what they may NOT be doing that they should be doing rather than on WHO THEY TRULY ARE.

Think of a moment when someone misjudged you based on preconceptions or based on comparison to someone you were related to or associated with.  Everyone has such an experience.  Why do you think that is?

So now the statement … Don’t try to squeeze blood from a stone … takes on deeper meaning and what seemed so obvious, now may be more subtle.

So when you next encounter a new friend from the Crystal Realm, know that they do all share certain qualities but each has their own unique expression … their own unique and special gifts to offer.

BUT … REMEMBER THIS TOO … even though stone does not bleed … they can if they so wished  :  )