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Listening to the Stones

Before we can begin to describe how to do something, it is important to understand what it is we are doing.  Listening to the stones is a form of communication.  We all have an understanding of what communication is ... but this understanding comes from the rules of a system which stems from a specific viewpoint.  So let's take a look at what communication is.

When we connect with another being, there is a communication happening.  Some feel there needs to be language or words for that to happen.  If we look clearly at communication with language, we may find that words often fall short of truly expressing our thoughts and ideas.  There are times when the words we choose are not heard in the way they were intended and conflict can arise.  Sometimes our feelings are best expressed in other ways.  We've most likely all experienced moments where we just knew what another person was thinking without any words being exchanged. 

We've placed great importance on language to communicate our ideas.  I say language, but I'm speaking of written and oral language - unless I state otherwise, let's just assume I'm referring to this when I use the word language.  We have come to a place where we realize that there are other forms of communication ... animals speak to each other and communicate with each other in amazing ways ... the whale's song and the bee's dance, the changing colours of the the cuttlefish, etc.  Then there is the art of humans communicating with the animal kingdom,   Even within our species we are discovering that there are forms of communication that we once thought impossible, like telepathy, communicating with spirit guides and loved ones who have shifted planes, to name a few.

We once believed that in order for one being to convey a message to another, it needed to be done with words, spoken or written.  Now, of course, written and oral languages are brilliant and very effective most times.  They have allowed us to express ourselves in wonderful ways ... I would not be able to convey this to you here without it.  Language has unified us in many ways but in other ways has separated us.  It creates a barrier between those who don't know the SAME language.  If someone or some being does not speak the same language as we do, we make assumptions as to their intelligence.  We've done that with the Animal Kingdom, yes; but we've also done that amongst ourselves.

Does a being need to know the language that we've decided is the only form of communication on this planet in order to be able to communicate?  If we're open to understanding that oral and written language is not the only method of communication and that communication happens all the time right before us in both the physical and non-physical realms, then we can ask the next question ...

The first thing we need to ask is are stones living, conscious, beings?  Let's look for a moment to science for this.  Science has concluded - for the time being - that ALL that is, all material things are in reality, energy.  So if we can be open to this "scientific discovery", then we can understand what most ancient, spiritual teachings have been saying for centuries; that we are all ONE.  So if we are open to the possibility that all is consciousness/energy, then we can be open to the possibility that the Stone Beings are ALIVE!

Are stones living, conscious beings?  They are different in form and physical make up than us - or any other animated being.  They are born of the earth and they grow and form into unique and wondrous forms.  No two are exactly alike.  There are many different species/varieties.  But do they breathe?  Do they see or hear?  Can they feel?  Do they think?  Are they alive?

We tend to judge life in relation to our form - or I should say our "physical" form - for we are truly spiritual beings.  We make the comparison according to how we - human beings - have classified and defined life.  But if we truly knew the incredible diverse, vast number of life forms just on our own continent, never mind the world; and how truly strange and remarkable these life forms are, we might be more open to the possibility of expanding our definition of what life is.

What comes to mind is the recently discovered extremophiles; life forms which have evolved in conditions thought impossible.  Without light.  Science once believed that life cannot exist without sunlight.  Wikipedia says:   "An extremophile is an organism that thrives in and may even require physically or geochemically extreme conditions that are detrimental to the majority of life on Earth."

Here's an excerpt from an article I found on

"Life without Light: Discoveries from the Abyss
by Robin Meadows

The depths of the sea were once believed to be nearly as devoid of life as the moon. A mile and a half below the ocean's surface, the ambient water was thought to be always cold because no sunlight can penetrate so deep. Those creatures hauled up from these dark reaches were considered scarce and believed to subsist largely on organic material drifting down from above.

At least that is what many scientists thought until 1977, when two geologists descended 8,200 feet into the ocean near the Galapagos Islands. The geologists were looking for a deep sea hot spring or hydrothermal vent, which they had predicted to exist along rifts, areas where the sea floor is spreading apart and where volcanic activity and superheated water were likely to occur. Lava wells up through the rifts, forming new crust and heating the water that percolates down through cracks in the crust. Hydrothermal vents then spew this hot water back into the sea [see Smoking in the Dark].

As expected, they found the first vent, an area about 100 meters across where 60F water "streamed out of every orifice and crack in the sea floor," says Massachusetts Institute of Technology geologist John Edmond. But they also made a completely unexpected discovery: The vent was jammed with animals."

Another example comes from an episode of the "Nature of Things"

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Imagine an alien with three hearts and ten arms growing out of its head. In an instant it could become invisible, or switch on electrifying light shows.

This alien actually exists. Cuttlefish are the one of the strangest creatures on our planet. Leading expert Dr. Mark Norman reveals how these shape shifting champions can hypnotize their prey, impersonate the other sex and even turn out to be deadly."

Shakespeare was not witness to the many incredible discoveries which have been made since his lifetime, but he knew even then ....

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE / Hamlet Act 1. Scene V abt. 1601. 

There are many examples of incredible and unimaginable occurrences.  We could fill volumes with them; but the intent here is simply to open us to the possibility that life, intelligence, communication/language is a broader concept than we might have believed.

So I'll ask the question again ... but I'll phrase it different now ... Can you be so sure that the Stone Beings are not living, conscious beings?

If the Stone Beings are alive, then we can be open to the possibility that they can communicate, or as I have come to know it ... SING.  Those who have had any experiences with animals know that they have very effective ways of communicating with each other and with us.  We speak to animals as if they understand us and we don't find it hard to believe that they speak back to us.  Many of us speak to inanimate objects as if they were conscious.  Ever spoken to your car or your computer and referred to it as her?  And even here we sometimes expect a response ... even if it is just fulfilling our request to get us to our destination without breaking down.   Now, let's dig down into the earth and bring up the glistening crystals and minerals that hold the brightest lights from the deepest, darkest spaces.  Now is it a matter of if they can communicate ... or how do they communicate?

True, deep communication comes from true connection, which comes from love ... from seeing the beauty within another.  Once we've made such a connection, words are no longer adequate - or necessary.  We can use them to create an opening to the possibility of the experience we are trying to share, but to truly communicate something deep, we must move beyond words and share at the soul level.  If you stop to think about it ... really think about it ... you might see that the only time we EVER understand what a person is conveying in language is when we've had a similar experience.  What this tells us is that we can discuss shared experiences with language, but to communicate something original is beyond words.

I don't know that there is any one way to hear the voice of another.  I can only share with you what I know about hearing the Songs of Stones.

To have a truly honest communication with another, we need first to "meet" them.  You may have heard the metaphysical term "attune to" the crystal.  This is simply connecting.  One definition is to be receptive or aware.  Beautiful description.  To be receptive, we need to be open.  That means we need to drop any judgements or preconceived notions of who the other is.  Awareness is being conscious - present - being there completely ... not thinking about an appointment we have on Wednesday, or worry about a bill, or anxious about a call we're expecting, or holding anger about an injustice against us.

When we label or identify a being with particular characteristics, we might not be open to seeing them in other ways.  It is the same with the stone beings.  When we expect a particular vibration within the stone based on what is written about it in a book, then we may miss some beautiful gifts the stone has to offer us (see Carnelian song).

For example, Quartz crystals are known for their ability to amplify intention and Lemurians are known as record keepers, and Singing Laser Wands are thought to be of extra terrestrial origin, and Lithium Quartz crystals are known for their soothing and calming effects, and Ruby crystals are known as the stone of prosperity, as are Citrine crystals.  But these are just generalizations, for each one from among each group are unique and have their own song to sing.  If we focus on their known properties, we might not be open to hearing their unique song.

When we are able to see the Crystal for what it is, without thinking of it's metaphysical qualities or what we think we know about it, then we will have made the "connection.  We will have attuned to it.  Then, if we are able to be fully present, without expectation, we need only await a song to emerge; and it will.  We need to remain open, because the songs emerge in different ways and if we begin to make judgements as to how the songs will appear, we will not hear them.

One of the most important parts, if not THE most important part, of communication is LISTENING.  It may sound like an obvious fact, but often our first reaction is to speak out our perception of the conversation and then attempt to come up with a solution - even if no "problem" is brought up.  We try to fit what we're hearing into our perception of what we believe - what can fit into our reality, rejecting anything that doesn't "make sense" to us.  But true listening comes from a place outside of logic and reason.  Nothing new or original ever makes sense the first time, because it has not been part of our truth until that moment.  It is our "sensor" who needs it to make "sense".  Our heart is open and accepting of all that flows out from the Universe.

A co-creation
The songs are not a recording of another being speaking (what people sometimes see as channeling), but a co-creation of the expression of a connection between two beings who truly see the beauty in each other - who truly SEE each other.

Simply because you have heard the song of your stone, does not mean that this is the only song.  Just as we have many stories and as we each tell our story in different ways to different people (and people hear our stories in different ways), so too do the stones have many stories ... or songs ... to share.

The Crystal and Stone Beings are wonderful teachers on the art of being.  When I paid attention to their teachings and allowed myself to be fully present with them,  I began to notice stories emerging ... which I came to know as "songs".  The song was unique with each connection.  I began writing down and sharing the songs of stones with others ... reluctantly at first ... lest my sanity be questioned.  The songs were well received and people began looking for them.  It seems that I was not the only one having these "experiences" with the Stone Beings.  People were grateful at my sharing of these experiences because they also thought they were the only ones having them.  Knowing that others share our experiences helps us, not simply just to feel "sane" ... but more importantly it helps us to know that we are not alone.  It was surprising the number of people who "believe", as I did.

The stone songs reach us at a personal level, but they are Universal.

I have come to know the experience of listening to the Song of Stones as a co-creation.  Two (or more) beings connecting in complete acceptance of one another ... with love.  And through this connection a song emerges - a poem, a story, a wisdom, a truth, an idea, a realization ... and it doesn't end there.  It happens within the realm of the soul where anything is possible.

Whether you see this as a communication or imagination, inspiration or insanity ... you can still enjoy them.  Whether you accept them as truth or fantasy, you can still glean the wisdom from those pieces which touch or move you in some way.

I have been deeply moved and transformed by the connection with the Stone Beings and the songs which have emerged.  May your experiences with the Stones bring you a special gift.

Shhhh Shhhhhh  ...

Listen ...
The stones are singing.
They sing a song for you.
Be still and let them guide you.
Let them show you where they are

Listen ....
It is not direct instruction to where they are.
It is subtle.
It is not an outer physical voice which tells you where to go.
It is a still small voice within.

Trust it

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