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Crystals that change Colour

Have you ever had a crystal that you could have sworn was a different colour the last time you looked at it?

You’re not crazy. Crystals can change colour!

Crystals that change colour are called Transformation Crystals. Actually a transformation crystal can “transform” in many ways, including changing colour, shape and quality. Transformation Crystals are very rare to come by - simply because many people don't recognize them or are not present when the transformation occurs.

I have heard stories from many of my customers over the year about how their crystals went from smoky to clear, or from clear to cloudy, or the colour deepened or faded. I have personally had experiences like that.

Ruby is a stone being who is happy to show you the magic of such transformations. Rubies will deepen in tone and colour when you hold them in your hand or when you are present with them.


Rhodochrosite is another deeply sensitive and open stone. Like Ruby, she will get richer and deeper as you hold them and sometimes even just when you are near her. I have a personal Rhodochrosite that demonstrated this so clearly to me. She is a special stone for me. She was one of — if not the first — Rhodochrosite I had the pleasure of meeting. I keep her nearby because I reach for her often.

There was one time when I was looking for her but couldn’t seem to find her anywhere. I couldn’t understand where she could have disappeared to. I searched for days for her before I finally just let go and listened. She guided me right to her. She was in the exact place she was supposed to be. In the place I first looked and looked again and again. She had been there all along but she had changed colour and I didn’t recognize her. And it wasn’t that she faded and would never again be the colour that I knew her to be. Once I had her in my hand, her deeper colour returned. That was when I understood what had happened.

This was quite the eye opening experience for me. Rhodochrosite showed me, in a way that I would never forget, how crystals can change tone and colour. Since then I have witnessed the transformation of crystals many times. I have have even had them disappear and reappear in the exact same spot that I had been looking for them. There’s always purpose to those disappearances. There’s always some wonderful magic that happens as a result and often I am shown the reason after the fact.

The birth of the Phoenix

A group of very special Citrine Cathedral Crystals also demonstrated this magical transformative power that crystals have. These “Phoenix Crystals” transformed before my eyes and became deeper, smokier in tone.

I’d been trying to get these crystals listed for several weeks and finally there was an opening. But when I went to get them I couldn't see them anywhere. I knew they were close by but I just couldn't find them. I searched everywhere. It wasn't until I let go of trying to find them that I actually saw them. They were right there all along. (Sound familiar?)

Like with the Rhodochrosite stone, I didn't see the Phoenix Crystals because I was expecting the same crystals that I started to list a few weeks ago. These crystals were different. They had transformed. Not all transformation happens at the physical level where it can be seen - but these particular beings had visibly changed. They had deepened in tone - they became smokier (in tone not in clarity). There was a shift in their energy as well, of course.

All Stop

The transformation these Phoenix crystals had undergone was so powerful that things had come to a stop here. Not only could I not get the Phoenix Crystals up on the website, but no other crystal could be listed until the transformation was complete.

They may have been waiting for another group of crystals, the Tahraiya Crystals, to complete their transformation and to be seen. I say that because just after I “saw” them, I was given the go-ahead to share the Phoenix Crystals.

It may be that both of these Transformation crystals were moving through their change together at the same time. Or it is possible that the Tahraiya Crystals were guiding the Pheonix crystals during the transition. Either way something big transformed here and it was magnificent.

Transformation Times 3

They were not the only ones transforming. I was going through a transformation myself at the time - which makes me wonder if it was a reflection of a universal shift that had been happening around the globe and not just in my own personal space. The Universe is like that. When we lift our heads up and pay attention to what’s happening around us, we see that there are synchronicities everywhere.

What's your story?

If you have a transformation story, get in touch. I'd love to hear it. In fact, if you are willing to share your story with the Crystal Community, I will give you a little gift : )