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Phoenix Crystals - Song of Stones

Phoenix Crystals

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A group of very special Citrine Cathedral Crystals transformed before my eyes and became deeper, smokier in tone. These crystals came to guide those who are going through a personal transformation.

I've been trying to get these crystals listed for several weeks now and finally there was an opening. But when I went to get them I couldn't see them anywhere. I knew they were close by but I just couldn't find them. I searched everywhere. It wasn't until I let go of trying to find them that I actually saw them. They were right there all along. I didn't see them because I was expecting the same crystals that I started to list a few weeks ago. These crystals were different. They had transformed. Not all transformation happens at the physical level where it can be seen - but these particular beings had visibly changed. They had deepened in tone - they became smokier (in tone not in clarity). There was a shift in their energy as well of course. These are very special beings. They had undergone quite the transformation. So powerful was this shift that things had come to a stop here. No other crystal could be listed until the transformation was complete and now it was. These magical "transformation crystals" may have been waiting the Tahraiya Crystals to complete their transformation and to be seen (which happened just before I was given the go-ahead to list them. Perhaps they were moving through their change together at the same time or maybe the Tahraiya Crystals were guiding the Pheonix crystals during the transition. Either way something big transformed here and it was magnificent. They were not the only ones transforming. I was going through a transformation myself - which makes me wonder if it was a reflection of a universal shift. 

These natural (non-irradiated) Citrine Cathedral crystals came from Brazil. It is rare to find natural Citrine Crystals and even rarer to find Citrine Cathedrals. I received these crystals from a very trusted source, so I can say with confidence that these crystals are natural in colour. When they first came to be here, these beautiful crystals moved me in a unique way. I became lost within their depths as I noticed that the space within them seemed far greater than their physical size. Many held beautiful vistas of great lands or inner worlds of caverns and cathedrals. This helps me to understand why they are called Cathedral crystals. 

They shared a song.

These Phoenix Crystals range in size from approx. 1-1/2" to 3-3/4". I will listen for the one who is singing for you.

NOTE: The group image of the crystals in the stone bowl are the ones that were taken after the transformation.