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Crystal Temperance

2 Crystals to stave off overindulgence and overspending

As we enter into the holiday season, there are temptations that we don’t usually need to contend with outside of big celebrations. Smorgasbords, and charcuterie boards, puddings and pies, sweet chocolates, and canes of candy. Then there are the wines and other spirits, warming our winter colds and taking the edge off the extra stresses. It’s easy at these times, to ignore the body’s signals to stop eating and drinking when it has had enough.

These are not the only temptations. It is also hard to resist the sales and the exclusive bundles wrapped in pretty packages. I love the packages. I have bought so many things I don’t need just for the box that they come in.

Apatite for apetite

I remember the first time I heard about Apatite crystals for helping to control the appetite. I thought it seemed a little too on the nose, but then the names and shapes of things can often give us a clue about what they are. The proof came in the proverbial pudding. I noticed a I wasn’t as hungry and less apt to unconscious snacking when I started keeping apatite nearby.

Apatite comes in several colours. I would instinctively reach for the Blue Apatite when I needed to strengthen my voice when I say yes to something I don’t really want because I’m afraid of hurting someone’s feelings. The Green Apatite (which is more of a gold tone), I would pick up when I’m having an inner struggle and I want to strengthen my will power.

The Pink Apatite, I would reach out to when I’m eating my feelings. They shared a crystal blessing and a profound insight into the cause of addiction and how to escape it. They said…

The heart wants what the heart wants.

This is really at the heart of getting out of addiction—finding the thing that the heart wants, that is being temporarily appeased by the compulsion. You are far less likely to seek out a distraction (addictive behaviour) when you have something in your life that bring you joy—whether it is creative expression, exploring spirituality, a loving family, rewarding work, being with nature or whatever it is that makes your heart sing.

Breaking Addiction

Vanadinite was one of my first crystal loves. Besides it’s lustrous beauty, I intentionally connected with it for it’s metaphysical properties. It was said to help us tap into our thrift in expending energy or spending money. As a shopaholic (now recovered), I started carrying Vanadinite around with me and I was surprised at how quickly my desire for overspending abated.

I reconnected with it during the holiday season several years ago (actually first 4 years ago and then 2 years ago). It showed me in a very literal sense about breaking addiction. I invite you to revisit that post if you would like to know more and to watch the videos below for Vanadinite’s crystal blessings.

 And this one...

May you discover the joy that keeps you in your power.