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Breaking Belief

A lustrous Vanadinite Crystal cluster began to sing. It offered us the gift of a crystal blessing for our spirit and a treat for our eyes. Vanadinite offers us many gifts, one of which is support with breaking addiction. This reflective stone shows allows us to see ourselves s we truly are - and ultimately it is that which wakes us from addiction.

Once the crystal blessing was recorded the Vanadinite crystal slipped from my hand and broke. It was a gentle fall - I watched as the leaves cradled the crystal and eased the landing. The crystals themselves didn’t break. They just separated from the matrix. This is very telling. Vanadinite was showing us how easily a pattern of addiction can be broken. They helps us to see that we can separate from that which is holding us to our addiction more easily than we might think. The bond looks a lot stronger than it is and that illusion is what keeps us tethered to our addiction.

There is a story that comes to mind about the Elephant in the circus who is kept from escaping by a flimsy rope that he is more than powerful enough to break. It is not the rope that keeps him from breaking free. It is his belief. When he was a baby, the ropes were strong enough to hold him and he knew that he could not escape so eventually he just stopped trying. As he grew to be mighty in size and strength, he could easily break the rope and escape; but he didn’t even try because he believed that he could not.

I understand now why Elephant has been appearing to me these last few days. He came to remind me of this story that is a perfect example of what Vanadinite was showing us with their fall and break. It is old thought patterns - and not any physical bond - that keep us chained to our old addictive patterns. Of course we may have to go through a physical withdrawal period that requires strength, will and maybe even outside support but the thing that holds us most strongly to our addictions is our belief that it can’t be any other way.

The crystals teach us in many ways. One of the simplest is through their physical form as this Vanadinite crystal family has done. First they were a mirror for us. Then they broke to show us how we can do the same with our attachments. We may see that to be a sacrifice but the crystals don't see it this way at all for they know themselves to be whole. It is only we who see the brokenness.

Vanadinite offered a gift of a crystal blessing once more (click the play button below):

There are other ways the crystals heal us but Vanadinite reminds us to begin in the simplest of ways. Look first on the surface before you dive deeper into the magic.


Originally Published November 30, 2019