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Crystal Sunshine

A sunstone crystal showed up for me this week in an unexpected way.

Rescued by Crystals

Earlier this week, I woke up at 4am in pain. A few spritzes of a star song brought some relief after which I reached out for my Shungite Crystal Medic and hot pink healer. A third crystal came into my mind’s eye...a wulfenite crystal.

Wulfenite is quite a special and unique stone being. These crystals have a rich, vibrant colour. Tiny but they are powerhouses of energy. They look as though they’ve been faceted and polished but their natural smoothness and sparkle is 100% natural. They are one of Gaia’s naturally faceted gemstones (like Danburite).

A spiritual Bait & Switch

Wulfenite can be a great comfort to those experiencing self doubt and insecurities. They are a crystal I believe many would benefit from in this time in our history (especially young people) when there are such unrealistic expectations of body image and pressure to be popular. Wulfenite can help us to regain confidence and self trust in order to put an end to self deprecating behaviour.

I searched for my wulfenite crystals but I didn’t find them. I was led instead to a different crystal—sunstone. I saw it shimmering in the jar where the Wulfenite was supposed to be and I was powerfully drawn to it. I knew immediately that the raw shimmery sunstone who was singing for me was the one which would be the most supportive. That may have been the purpose of seeing the Wulfenite because I wouldn’t have found it otherwise.


Sunstone sang to me once before when I was distressed. It was not the physical kind of trauma I was experiencing now. It was anxiety from a nightmare so terrifying that my screams woke my family. It was tumbled sunstone who offered me solace that time. They shared a “chicken soup for the soul” kind of message which calmed my nervous system and warmed my body.

The colourand energy of Sunstone align with the sacral chakra bringing joy and creativity. It comes forward now as a source of support for physical trauma. Not just to ease the pain but to help us to understand its source.

Go-to crystals

I feel blessed to have go to crystals like the hot pink healer and crystal medic. It’s worth taking the time to choose your own crystals for this purpose. You can draw on your favourites or call in the crystals who would most support you in times of trauma.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started if you’re not sure where to start...

Hematite, Shungite, Copal, Carnelian, Fossilized Marcasite, Suleiman, Tangerine Quartz, Pheris-sun crystals, Rhodochrosite

At the Ready

Once you’ve got your stones, keep them close at hand in a bowl, a box or a pouch (natural materials are best). You may want to pop a label on so that they can be easily found in an emergency. When we’re not feeling well, we are not always in the right frame of mind to be searching for something helpful, or even to think to help ourselves.