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The Pollucite stone beings inspired this sharing. Pollucite’s song was mirrored in a deeply personal inner journey that I am inspired to share with you here.

I journeyed inwards to a sacred space that I created in my inner world. It was quiet and felt empty and deserted. Usually I find at least one of my guides waiting for me; and if I don't see them, I at least feel their presence. Even by myself I feel a warmth and comfort in being in this place. This time was different. I felt alone. Really alone. It was uncomfortable. I was overcome by sadness. Then from out of the emptiness, my guides began to turn up. One after another. I was overjoyed to see them.

A deep message from a moment of silence

This was quite an awakening for me, because that momentary silence held a deep message. That I was not alone. I was never alone and those times when I felt the most alone, are actually the moments where I receive the most support.  That support might not come in human form, but it is there and it is powerful.

What a gift that was and if I’d left my inner world right then and not ventured further, it would have been enough. However, even though I might have been happy to end there, there was to be more to this journey. I had only just begun.



I received an image––a blue glass vase shattering. I saw all sorts of shattered glass all over the floor of a room. It was sort of like getting a psychic flash. You know––a glimpse of what was to come before it happened. A premonition within a meditation of an upcoming event within that meditation.

Glass houses

Next, a small glass house appeared floating in mid air. It was quite beautiful. It was Victorian in style but it was completely transparent and very open inside.  Victorian architecture is actually quite deep and rich and contains many separate and closed off areas. So this open glass house was quite the contrast to that. I shrunk down in size so that I could go into the house and Hummingbird came to give me a ride in. There was no doorway. She took me to the underside of the house, which was completely open. There was a ladder extending up into the house for me to climb up and gain entrance.

After I climbed in, a woman showed up. She was very prim and proper and like a school teacher––very Victorian. A reminder of all the connected intricate details of a vision.

She said to me …

“What were you thinking!”

She repeated it over and over …

“What were you thinking!”

It was a reprimand about something I’d said. This sparked what I believe was a buried memory. I think that somewhere in my life, or one of my lives, I made a pact with myself in a moment similar to the one that was being replayed for me, to THINK before I speak. To analyze and censor and edit EVERYTHING that came into my thoughts before I let them rise out through MY THROAT.  It may have been that right then, at that moment, I cut my throat off from my heart … I’d isolated it.

No wonder I felt alone!

I continued on. I saw another figure. He was an Englishman with a giant smile.  He reminded me of the cheshire cat. I didn't know much about the Cheshire cat and only when I was writing down my experience did I remember that he is a character from Alice in Wonderland.

That’s the second Alice connection, as before I went into the glass house (“my wonderland”), I needed to shrink down in size. Spirit always reveals what needs to be seen.

The 5th Floor

There were no stairs inside the house. The ladder that I climbed to get into the house extended right up through the house. I climbed this ladder to the 5th floor. I’d already seen the room so it wasn’t a surprise to me. I’d already seen the shattered glass. The glass fragments sparked a recollection of the Pollucite Crystal. So when I saw the shattered glass, I felt that message reflected in the broken pieces.

Upon contemplation, this journey through this sacred, magical house felt like an exploration of my throat chakra. My sacred self was telling me that in order to open up my throat center, the rest of my house must be open, clear and transparent. I could shatter the fear of saying the wrong thing or being misunderstood that had been keeping me silent. Then I would be able to speak clearly and purely from my heart.

Shattering the Illusion

I see now that the feeling of being completely alone at the start of this journey was showing me something even deeper than I first realized. Something connected to the shattering glass and the broken patterns. I don’t know if I can do justice to the description but I will try. This isolated feeling was quite intense. It was a sense of … well … as if there was NOTHING there. I mean NOTHING.  No other being. Not there or anywhere. It was a feeling of NOTHINGness. So when my friends began to emerge … it was like a … SHATTERING. A shattering of the silence. A shattering of the emptiness. A shattering of the illusion that I was alone. A broken pattern.

A couple of weeks later I re-experienced that feeling of being alone. I was overcome with the same intense isolation and loneliness that I felt during the spirit journey. But then I received a beautiful message about how the word “alone” breaks down into AL–ONE …. all is one!!!!  I had never noticed that before. I didn’t see it until I was truly alone.


Originally posted December 29, 2011