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Pollucite Crystals

Pollucite Crystals

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These beautiful clear Pollucite Crystal pieces have a very glassy appearance.  To me they look like shattered glass.  I have come to notice that when patterns in my life shift, there is often physical occurrences that follow.  One such occurrence is ... the shattering of glass.  These powerful Pollucite crystals, which mirror the pieces of broken glass, offer great support to accept and adjust to the new patterns and to solidify them. There are 2 that have a pale pink tone - so pale that you might not think they are pink.

When Pollucite first arrived here, they came with a special song. I listened and this is what I heard:

Just as the river reflects the Mountain and creates a twin image,
so too is there another reflection to the mountain’s side.
It is it’s twin - side by side ... a mirror image.
This reflection can not be seen with the human eye.

When you are at the center point, you dwell in both mountains ...
you are here and there at once.

We are revealing ourselves now. Some can see us ...
some have always seen us, or felt our presence.

It is not a simple reflection of a mountain alongside another mountain ...
it is a completion of form ... a joining of parts of a whole.
It is not flat and 2 dimensional, but full and vibrant -
coming together in a circular movement,
like the petals of a flower and its [circle?].

No - not a circle ... a sphere ... the sides join in circle in all 4 directions.*
And in the center of this union - is a pool - a reflecting pool and in here are more dimensions.

These Pollucite crystals range in size from approx. 1-1/2" to 2". I will listen for the one who is singing for you.