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A tale of two Hearts

Chrysoprase showed up for us in 2 different ways with 2 different soothe, inspire and remind us to open our hearts.


Two Chrysoprase tumbles (one lemon, one green), came together co-create a Star Song. (Star Songs are crystal elixirs that are transmitted by distance). The lemon was in the shape of a heart and the green had a heart shape naturally carved onto its surface. Of course they had a message for the heart.

When the sadness comes and it’s so deep that it’s almost unbearable and you want to run as far away from it as possible, go deeper.

GO DEEPER  into your sadness

Go further into your pain.

Stay in the sorrow.

Stay until you break and then step upon the shattered pieces to release the light that is embedded within them.

This is probably the last thing you will want to do when you’re feeling heartbroken. But it is the only thing that will truly release your sadness. You can certainly escape the trauma temporarily and it will feel better – temporarily. But it will come back and each time it will be more agonizing.

But if you can do what your pain is calling on you to do – if you can reach into your strength and find the courage to step into the pain, you will find a great gift awaiting you. The only way to this gift though is through the darkness. That’s where you’ll find the light.

Opening the Heart

You don’t have to do it alone. The Stone Beings are gentle loving companions as you enter the heaviness of your heart. They have a natural ability to calm you even at your most anxious, simply by holding them.

They can help you to open your heart so you can move into the space where you are broken. They can help you to stay sane as you explore the madness beneath the painful feelings.

You can grid them in a circle around you, creating a loving cocoon within which to take your journey inwards. Most of all they will hold you in an energy of pure love. Those loving vibrations will be a warm blanket upon you as you go deep into your sadness.

This journey into releasing your sadness doesn’t have to be a solitary one. No other person can accompany you, but the crystals can be loving companions to you on this and any other inner spiritual journey. They certainly will lend their physical presence, but they offer much more. They are there with you in spirit. They are with you in the deepest, most intimate way possible. That is what these loving crystal companions offer. It is a great gift.

You can request these specific Heartlight crystals if you would like to receive a Star Song.


The other Chrysoprase stone is very different. It is raw with a bright green jelly centre with a white crackled crust. The words Is it you, naturally carved onto the surface. He is Izy and he shared a message...

Dearest Beautiful Being,

Magical, mystical things happen to you sometimes and you want to believe the Divine guidance and orchestration of these events but part of you doubts. The part of you that remembers the painful experiences; the part of you who sees the violence and suffering in the world; the part of you that has nightmares; and the part of you that feels fear and loneliness. That part remains in doubt. We are here to quiet those fears and doubts. We are here to remind you of the light. We are here with a Divine message.

Next time you experience the magic sparkling into your reality and you ask …


Is it the Divine Presence [insert your word for it] showing up in this earthly reality?

The answer is …


I see you. I know you. I love you.


Izy shows us how to open our hearts to the magic of this world. It is so easy to slip back into doubt--no matter how many miracles that we experience. I was just speaking of this very thing with someone yesterday. We see the magic happen with our very own eyes, and still we doubt. And so we have to have constant reminders

Remembering to open the heart

Chrysoprase comes to remind us to open our hearts. Yes they are tender and hesitant to be so vulnerable during this powerful time in our history. But it is especially now that we need to have our hearts wide open. It is, in fact, in that open state that our hearts are most protected.

Of course it is kismet that the lightning crystals (our year stone), have shown up at this time with their own heart songs but also to show us how to open our hearts.