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A Mother’s Love

When we hear the term “A Mother’s Love”, it conjures up within us thoughts of a sweet, beautiful, unconditional love.  A love that is full and deep and never ending.  That is the archetypal image which seems to have formed around the concept of Mother.  We may not all experience that sweet stereotype in our own personal story, but I would guess that it is what we feel we should have or what we would want in a mother.  No matter who we are in this world, we have all had an experience with Mother Love.  Whether we had a mother figure present in our lives or not, we have had an experience of “mother”, even if that experience was of her in an absentee role.  However the story with our mother played out, that experience colours our perception of what a mother’s love is.

The beautiful label we’ve put on Mother Love carries within it a thorn.  It holds a painful prick that we are almost certain to feel.  There is something in each of us that feels an abandonment from our physical mother at some point in our lives.  Whether we are aware of it or not, whether it was devastating to us or not … there was an experience of this somewhere in the timeline of our present existence.  That’s because also somewhere deep inside of us is a faint memory of a deep, pure love that we’ve branded onto MOTHER.  That remembrance of this indelible feeling ingrained in our Souls sends us on a search to recapture it.  We may or may not be aware that we are even on this quest.  We also might not realize that what we seek is not a physical mother love.  It is a DIVINE one.  No physical, earthly love can simulate true DIVINE MOTHER LOVE.  So when we search for that love outside of ourselves, we end up feeling empty.  Even the human physical love of a mother – the most powerful of the earthly loves – cannot simulate the Divine Love that we crave.

I’ve been hearing whispers of a message about this Mother Love coming through so powerfully lately.  The message is this …

“We have not been able to experience this Divine Mother Love as a physical presence in this world … UNTIL NOW.  It’s not that the DIVINE MOTHER LOVE has not been present.  It has been.  It can’t not be present for it is what the physical world is built of.  It’s that we have not been in harmony with that love so we have not been able to feel it (most of us that is anyway).”

It seems that things have shifted and we are able to match the vibration of Mother Love much more easily.  I don’t know if that’s because the physical vibration of the earthly realm has risen or if it is due to the thinning of the veils between worlds that allow us to expand into the special heart vibration, or if it is something else entirely.  I do feel, as many of you light workers have been feeling that it’s been easier to bridge the worlds.  It’s been easier to tap into the Universal Energy field.  We’re able to do, see, sense, feel much more than we were even just a few short years ago, including this heavenly, motherly love.

The Stone Beings can be a great source of support as we make the shift into opening to this Divine Mother Love that we have been craving and that we have been searching for.  The Stone Beings, in my experience, are the closest vibration to this beautiful, unconditional, accepting love that can be found in physical form.  So it is fitting to have them as guides on that journey inward into the heart space.  I would love to name specific stones suited to that intent, but it really doesn’t work that way.  A simple river stone can be the one that helps you to connect, or it might be a rare crystalline being that does it for you.  That’s why it’s always best to follow your heart and choose based on the one that you feel most drawn to because THAT ONE will be the BEST ONE for you.

Having said that … I will mention that the stones of the GREEN ray can offer a wonderful source of support into the expansion of the heart and I’ve been guided to list more and more of the heart coloured stones.  I’ve also been inspired to list more beautiful Thulite Stones of Angelic Support so those are now back in stock.  And synchronistically, Tiffany Stone has been singing of this heart vibration.  Tiffany Stone is an opalized Fluorite.  Opal and Fluorite have both come forward as support stones for the expansion of the feminine heart (see the Song of Stones April Blog, Fluorite’s Song of Woman’s Heart.)