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Fluorite’s song of Woman’s Heart

Fluorite has been singing to me.  Not a whispered song either.  It has been coming through loudly and powerfully.  I took it with me into the stillness at a gathering of women.  Sisters of Spirit who come together to explore the inner realms.  The feminine energy was quite vividly felt, but what I sensed was a greater presence than just that of this circle of women.  It was a powerful feminine force.  I later realized that what I was feeling was the collective feminine energy of WOMAN.  All women – the first to the last – past present and future.  It was utterly powerful and powerfully beautiful.

Fluorite, joined by Polar Bear and a giggling green elf shared a message.  I thought the message was for those of us gathered, but I see now it was for any woman … for all women.  The message came through with beautiful and amusing imagery.

When ice Melts

First came an image of a magnificent Polar Scene.  A vast frozen majestic landscape at the start of spring.  The Ice had begun to melt, releasing a powerful flow of water.  The power of this shifting energy of Ice into water was grand.  As spectacular as the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into a winged beauty.  The ice is, after all, a BEING changing form.  It is no less a metamorphosis than the butterfly’s.  Perhaps it is grander as the ice continuously transforms with the changing of the seasons … water to ice and then back to water.  We don’t see the butterfly changing back into a caterpillar!

Encoded in this stunning imagery was a multi-dimensional perspective.  A view beyond what could be seen with 3d vision.  As the ice warmed and released it’s frozen form something happened that was spectacular in it’s energy.  I couldn’t put words to it at the time.  I was mesmerized by what was unfolding.  I still don’t know if I can describe it, but I will try.  As the frozen landscape was warmed by spring’s thaw, water began to flow.  Slowly at first, in gentle trickles, but soon it would gain mass and momentum.  This once frozen landscape went from a peaceful stillness to a lively movement.  This movement initiates a shift that affects so many others of this icy terrain … all interconnected – all woven into the fabric of this landscape.

As powerful as that image was in all that it held, I didn’t receive the full impact of it until the next image came.  One seemingly unrelated at first.  It began with a song in my head …

“ you’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch … “


So that was who the Green Elf was!  I asked him who he was when he first appeared and he slyly informed me that I would find out, giggling as he spoke the words.  The Universe constantly catches me by surprise with the way it brings its messages through.  So clever.  I find myself giggling too now.

The next image was that of the Grinch’s frozen heart melting from the warmth of the tears of the sweet little Who girl who had befriended him.  Her heart broken at the realization of his betrayal mirrored his own deep pain.  It is an archetypal image.  It is an image that we immediately relate to.  We need no description or elaboration.  We get it.

Two images revealed two frozen spaces, each melted by the warmth of a spark.  The frozen landscape, warmed by the spark of spring and the frozen heart, melted by the spark of a little girl’s heart.

The message that was then given was that …

the frozen layers
we have placed around our heart,
put there to protect us from heartbreak,
are melting.

It was not until much later that it dawned on me that this message was for WOMAN.  Not just for the women who were there at the time this message was received, but for all women.  The heart of the Collective feminine energy is releasing the barriers once placed there for our protection and it is EXPANDING.  WOMAN is opening up to experience love in a way she has not felt since she arrived to this physical existence … and we get to feel that!

Expanding into a new energy of LOVE

So if you are feeling sadness in this time and you don’t know where it came from, be aware that what you may be feeling is your own heart EXPANDING into a new energy of LOVE.  Celebrate this sadness for it will open you up to something wondrous.  As your heart radiates that brilliant rainbow coloured love out into the world, something surprising will happen.  That love will flow back to you magnified exponentially.

First you must allow the ice to melt.  First you must allow the tears to flow out as you take new form.  And when that love is reflected back, you will be able to fly!


Originally Published April 29, 2013