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Vogel Style DT Lemurian Quartz Crystal Wands - Song of Stones

Vogel Style DT Lemurian Quartz Crystal Wands

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These crystals are patterned after Vogel's famous crystals, which are cut in a unique pattern to enhance and amplify the energy of the crystal. These beautifully cut double terminated crystal wands have been cut from rare Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystals. Vogel Crystals are cut in different number of sides depending on the desired energy. These crystal wands have been finely cut with 12 sides. They have a beautiful clarity and a dazzling sparkle.

These are not the trademarked Vogel Crystals.  I'm sure the trademarked Vogel Crystals have their own unique special energy.  I have not yet experienced them myself but would love to.  Alas, they are quite expensive and can cost thousands for one crystal, which is why it is nice to have the option to get these at an affordable cost. I got these Lemurian Wands from a trustworthy source of beautiful high energy crystals. They have a beautiful energy and they've been singing quite powerfully recently to be shared NOW.  

These 12 sided Lemurian Quartz Crystal Wands range in size from approx. 3" to 4-1/2"