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Turquoise Phantom Quartz Crystal 061504 - Song of Stones
Turquoise Phantom Quartz Crystal 061504 - Song of Stones

Turquoise Phantom Quartz Crystal 061504

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These incredible crystals have turquoise colored inclusions. When I first saw them I thought they were Ajoite included Quartz, but I'm told that they are not. However as with Ajoite, these turquoise colored inclusions come from copper. They are a copper bearing Chlorite and Fushite. It is the copper that gives them that special hue. They also are almost as pricey as Ajoite. I was very fortunate to get a small parcel of these crystals. My supplier told me that he has seen no more than 100 over a period of 5 years.

My experience with them was profound. I was in a funk and these crystals would not allow me to stay in the darkness. They shared a song which you can access through the link below ... 

Song of Turquoise Phantom

Metaphysical properties of Ajoite

Ajoite produces a melding between the heart chakra and the throat chakra, helping us to speak what is in our heart.  What follows is a peacefulness and a joyful acceptance of our surroundings, circumstances and environment.  Ajoite is said to energize and to activate the peace chakra (an energy field between the throat chakra and the heart chakras).  The energy of Ajoite brings peace within the self, regardless of where we are – in body or mind.  It sparks understanding and total acceptance.  It enhances creativity and communication.

This beautiful being is teeny. It makes absolutely no difference to its power. It would be perfect for a sacred talisman.