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Story Guardian - Delphene - Song of Stones

Story Guardian - Delphene

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Sometimes in a magical moment something very special happens and you are surprised with an unexpected gift. Such a magical moment happened and was witnessed by a circle of 21 crystals. It was the birth of 3 Fairy Triplet Babies witnessed by 21 crystals who came forward to carry and guard over their story. This is one of those crystals. She is Delphine. She is a Lemurian with a smoky tint that is almost violet.

The emergence of a new being within a crystal again is a very rare and extraordinary event. I never expected to be witness to such an event again - especially not in the same way where the guide enters as the crystal drops. But it did happen again except this time it was witnessed by human beings. It was just around the time that I was listing these crystals - who are among the first to offer their energy to the new Song of Stones website. I am sure the timing is no coincidence. It's the crystal's way of seeing the parallel. If you're interested in knowing the Story I invite you to read the blog about Welcoming a New Guide

approx. 2" x 1/2"