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Star Shift - Song of Stones
Star Shift - Song of Stones
Star Shift - Song of Stones
Star Shift - Song of Stones
Star Shift - Song of Stones

Star Shift

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This Russian Shift Crystal Cluster sparkles with new growth and is a Star Child (self healed) Crystal. It's song moved me in such a way that my whole day's routine "shifted". That's what this crystal does. This crystal is a cluster to boot and so the shift affects your personal relationships. Beginning - firstly and most importantly - with the relationship you have with yourself. Then you will see those changes ripple out into all your relationships. It shared a crystal blessing which you can receive by clicking on the play button below:




Shift Crystals are also known as Growth Interference Crystals  These crystals were transformed near the end of their crystallization by the introduction of many thin spar type calcite crystals which caused slightly indented parallel lines along the shaft of the crystal.  Basically, the calcite and the quartz were competing for space and transformed each other.  Although the Calcite does not normally remain with the crystal, its healing energy is a part of the crystal and the properties of Calcite apply.

Growth Intereference Quartz vibrates to the number 1 and is the strological sign of Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn. When my supplier first told me about these crystals and his experience with them I was excited but I did not realize the potential of this special stone until I began to work with it.  I received a special gift from my shift crystal.  It taught me to be open to its energy and in being able to physically feel its energy, I was able to feel the energy of all stones.  I am so grateful for that gift. 


This mineral helps us to understand that we are beings of light with access to a perpetual and continuous source of energy.  This allows us to give energy to others while constantly allowing for the energy to be replenished by the energy of the universe.  It can be used in the removal of energy blockages and when carried or worn upon the body, the chakras are automatically aligned and balanced and the Kundalini is activated.


The energy serves to bring one a universal protective force and acts to stimulate the knowledge of impending danger.  It also helps to facilitate the trance state and enhance all activities related to psychic communication, astral travel, future-telling and past-life ascension.


This crystal leads us to remove barriers and to understand the patience of progressing through steps.  It can assist us in understanding and getting through traumas and through change with ease, knowing that the end of each incident, each experience and each journey is the beginning of the next.


This crystal allows one to penetrate the exterior layers of a difficulty or an enigma, allowing for the essence of the problem to become evident and further providing insight to the solutions which would be most appropriate.  It assists in the removal of doubts, understanding that we can accomplish anything, if there is true desire.  This crystal places us in the situation of being “completely in command” of our life. It helps to reveal our ultimate destiny. 

This is what my supplier says of these crystals:

AI have never felt together as when I wore this crystal for several weeks.  It literally changed my life, and I am not kidding.  I just knew what I had to do and for the first time, was not scared to do so.  It’s hard to put into words, but all I can say is these crystals will help you to understand and put you on your spiritual path.  I love crystals, but I have never had such a defined tangible experience as I had with my Kola crystal.  I have to warn you though, be ready for change ... A

Having told you what he said, let me relay my own personal experience:

After carrying and meditating with this crystal for a few days, I picked it up one day and noticed an unusual sensation in the hand that was holding the crystal.  I could feel a tingling and a rhythmic pulsing.  The rhythm had a pattern and the energy flowed through my fingers into my arm and then to the rest of my body.  I tried this in both hands, holding it several different ways and in several different positions over a period of a few days.  The result was the same each time.  At first I thought it was this special stone that had this energy that I could feel, but I began to realize that I was feeling this energy from my other crystals as well.  Then I knew that this was my Shift crystal’s gift to me.  It allowed me to open up to the energy that crystals have.  I have always had a special connection with crystals.  Now this connection was even stronger.  This was my transformation.  What will it do for you.